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  1. BAMA XR

    How to make an XR250L run like a XR250R

    I've got a 91 250L myself and it is weak. I put on a Supertrapp IDS muffler and the pipe didn't fit out of the box. Didn't seem to make much diff either. I do like it for it's street legal status though. My 96 XR 400 is strong enough for woods work so I have been on the 250L less lately. Would be better w/more grunt though.
  2. BAMA XR

    XR400 Legalize it problem

    I would like to legalize my 96 XR 400 as well. I'm in Alabama and do have a 91 XR 250L for the pavement but the 400 would be nice. I didn't even know off road bikes even came w/ titles. With some of the crazy harley/chopper stuff I see I can't believe are legal(sound for one and lack of signals/lights etc.) I can't believe the DMV freaks over an XR. I wished manufacturers would start making street legal off road bikes that were any good.
  3. BAMA XR

    XR250R Best Dirt Bike ever made

    Hey, I like all XRs. I had an 86 200R and still own a 91 XR 250L and a 96 400R. I would imagine the 400 doesn't weigh much more than the 250. Not sure. I know my 400R feels lighter than my 250L, but that thing is heavy ! I'm not interested in a CRF either.........
  4. BAMA XR

    how do u like your xr400 ?

    Got a 96 XR 400 about 2 months ago. I'm 40, 6'3", 170 lbs. Lots of woods and firelane/dirt road riding. Really like the low maintenance of no water cooling. I don't think it's needed for this type of bike. Plenty of power for me. Still not totally used to it yet but so far I love it. Has scared me a time or two, but my last ride was a 91 XR 250L !! Never considered a MX bike. I would imagine the maintenance on the CRFs is pretty high compared to the XRs. Can't believe they don't make XRs anymore. No regrets.
  5. Just buy the K&N oil and use dish soap like dawn to clean with. I've had a K&N on my 87 Buick turbo Regal for 14 yrs now. I have replaced the MAF once though. I would try and soak uo any excess oil w/ paper towels or maybe newspaper before installing. I hear good and bad things about th K&Ns. They have worked for me.
  6. BAMA XR

    New 93 xr250l owner with tire ????'s

    I use Maxxis intermediate terrain knobbies. There is no tire that works well on street and dirt and I prefer to have all the grip I can offroad. Yeah they wear faster but for as little as I ride on the street anymore they are fine. Dangerous on wet pavement though. I had some dual purpose tires but they weren't enough for me offroad.
  7. Just recently got a 96 XR 400R and the rear caliper has been monkeyd with. The rear pin w/the slot screw head that holds the pads in place the area around it has been filed down and a shorter one is in there now w/ a recessed allen head thats stripped out. It stops fine but the it won't be long before I'll need to put pads on anyway I'd like to find a used one just so I can make it right again. I imagine all would be the same for the 96-04 250/400s but I'm not sure. Any Ideas on where to look other than ebay. Thanks for any help.
  8. BAMA XR

    Newly acquired XR 400

    Thanks for the replies and the info guys. Thanks for the tail light bulb info too. the bike has a brakeswitch on it already and there are 3 wires going to the socket. I replaced the grungy rear fender w/another I acquired w/ tail light and swapped it. I'll have to go back and get the 3rd wire connected again. I ride woods and firelanes/dirt road type stuff and this bike is great. But all my XRs have been bulletproof. They all have made up, over or through whatever I've put them through. There is no other bike for me. Low maintenance and gobs of torque. The bike has been desnorkled w/a Uni filter and baffle removed. Barkbusters and Renthal bars. Moose fender bag. It came w/ a Vortip also for the pipe. Seat cover and graphics. The best running and starting bike I've ever owned. It's been ridden before I got it but so have all my others. I'm very happy.
  9. BAMA XR

    Newly acquired XR 400

    Hello all. Just got a 96 XR 400 which seems to be in decent shape. This is my 3rd XR. 86 XR 200, 91 XR 250L(which I still have) and the 400. A buddy got a 98 400 years ago and I knew I wanted one. What a diff from the 250L ! Glad to find a forum that deals w/these bikes. I ride for fun in the woods and this fits the bill well. Over time I hope to fix the few bugs the bike has. Someone really did a number on the rear brake caliper. Previous owner was a big boy(at least 100 lbs more than my 160 lbs) and I know the bike was bottomed out due to the tire marks inside the rear fender and broken tailight bulb.Plus the disc guard is gone and there was a warped rotor in the box of stuff that came w/the bike. But she starts a hell of alot easier than my buds 98 and runs great. Been reading all I can on this site and it is a wealth of info. Thanks for being here.