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  1. I am told not to run synthetic oil to break in a newly rebuilt engine. What's a good oil to use for break in?
  2. I think my starter clutch may be involved. when I 1st start my engine it makes a whir whir whir noise, as the rpms increase it turns into a higher pitch whine sound which goes away after 5 minutes or so on the freeway at speed. seems to be coming from the stator area.
  3. the glue keeps the rear boot from slipping off. I use a thin coat. it works for me and is very easily removed.
  4. I struggled with installing it 100% perfectly but found a way that works for me. 1st I install the front rubber connector as far forward as it will go onto the intake manifold. next I clean the airbox connector and apply a coat of handgrip glue where the boot connects to the bell of the carb. then I squeeze the carb in between the 2 boots (air box connector and intake connector). next I connect the throttle cable to the carb. I install the carb bell into the pre glued boot and lightly tighten the clamp. after an hr or 2 I completely tighten the air box side clamp and move the carb forward into the intake connector and tighten those clamps. finally I run all my hoses down under the bike. then I can install the tank and connect the fuel lines and I am done. VIOLA! hope this helps.
  5. so what happens after you give the police the license #?
  6. did you pull out the slide and put the plate on upside down?
  7. if the insides of the crankcase has been exposed to air then I predict lots of rust and problems.
  8. the carb looks nice, TPS and adjustable pilot.
  9. hot dry weather will make the gas in the carb evaporate quicker, shut off the petcock.
  10. I made it match the pipe and exhaust gasket. how do you think that will be bad, should I have left them different sizes/uneven?
  11. when you order them from Cometic they call it a hi-perf exhaust gasket (pn # EX243). the cometic gasket matches the ID of my header and so I ported my head to match the hi-perf gasket. now my head, gasket and pipe all match, in my mind I see that as a good thing.
  12. oops typo, my bad the cometic hi-perf exhaust gaskets have a LARGER ID not smaller. you guys know what I meant. they match the diameter of my exhaust header. stock has a smaller ID to match the stock header. for those who are in denial, enjoy, they say ignorance is bliss so keep running the stock gasket.
  13. you are wrong, dead wrong. like I said, I got one with the top end gasket set I got. it has a smaller ID than stock and matches the ID of my aftermarket pipe. thanks for being of no help though.
  14. how much should I have to pay for a dyno run with exhaust gas analysis? I want to know if my jetting is correct across the whole rpm range.
  15. where can I get an exhaust gasket that has a smaller I.D. than the stocker? I am running a Yosh pipe that has a larger I.D. than the stock pipe and don't want the gasket protruding into the exhaust air space. I know there is such a thing because I got one with the last top end gasket set I got but now I just want the gasket. Thanks.