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  1. Bodhisattva

    xr 650 l trail riding

    I took mine on a 110 mile off road trip in the so cal mtns, saddleback, up to about 6500 feet, very hot day, over 90, and im not a small guy, 240lbs to lug around, and mine dident skip a beat, and it was all sand, rocks, ect. slow going twisties.
  2. Bodhisattva

    My son's 110 wont stay on!

    If it stays on with throttle just WOT it and it may clear out.
  3. Bodhisattva

    quick footpeg question about my klx110 please

    What do you mean by case hardened is fine? I know I can get new lock washers but I was mad to find I could not use the stock ones....second trip to store grrr. So you used ones 6mm longer then the 20mm stock? you probably got 25mm like me, I did not see any 26mm? thanks for the reply. this sub forum is dead.
  4. Bodhisattva

    quick footpeg question about my klx110 please

    I found some blots, 8x25mm 8.8 hardness (stock is 7) doubt that really matters. They are Zinc, is that ok to use? WHY THE F do the stock lock washers not come off the stock bolts? how stupid, now I need to get brand new lock washers to replace my brand new lock washers on my stock bolts. STUPID.
  5. Bodhisattva

    quick footpeg question about my klx110 please

    Anyone know?
  6. Hi guys, I have been reading about the dreaded footpeg case spliting because of too short bolts, wel I want to replace mine tomorrow! I pulled out the 4 stock ones on my 2006 and they are 20mm long from tip to where the head starts, are these too short? they have a 2mm lock washer also. I was reading you can use a 25mm...is this correct? Im 238lbs and dont want to split cases! So is it 8x25mm I should get? Will home depot be ok to find some? THANKS.
  7. Bodhisattva

    Whats my 650L worth???

    Mods do not really mean anything to most people, It has been my experiance, personal and otherwise, that id rather have a 100% stock bike (or car). I may not have to sell, but if kbb is 4600, I dont see any reason I would not get that. Most new ones are 6500-7000 otd in mn.
  8. Bodhisattva

    Whats my 650L worth???

    LOL. thats funny.
  9. Bodhisattva

    Whats my 650L worth???

    Bikes are usually expensive in Mn, So that should be good for resale. I will look into it, thanks.
  10. Bodhisattva

    Whats my 650L worth???

    Thanks guys.
  11. Bodhisattva

    Whats my 650L worth???

    I may need to sell my baby, not by choice, but anyway... What is an 06 XR650L with only 896 miles on it worth, bone stock. like new condition? Thanks.
  12. Bodhisattva

    Mods planned for my XR650L....advice please.

    Thanks Rebel. Capsil, if you are going to do a cam and other internal mods down the road, do the full exhuast now, probably cheaper to buy together. You would be better off making your own thread so more people see it So what would you guys say is the cheapest place to buy stuff from, tires and such?
  13. Bodhisattva

    Mods planned for my XR650L....advice please.

    Is the XR system the only one without rivits? What about fmf, white bros, supertrapps....those were others I was looking at. I read a few people said dont do the header untill cam and piston??? Anyone that can link me to a snorkle removal? thanks.
  14. Bodhisattva

    Mods planned for my XR650L....advice please.

    Thank you all for the replies. So skip the magnetic drain plugs? So k&n over uni? The xr system is backordered untill june I belive, I want to get soming soon. Is there a write up or something on the airbox snorkle removal? do they need to be drilled out? I am thinking about getting a wind screen, as I do more on road then off with my bike, but do you guys think switching to a full face on road type helmet would be enough, Right now I use my motocross helmet with the visor and I think that creates alot of wind risistance on long 70mph rides? what helmet do you guys use on road? Thanks. edit...Also, what is the signifigance(sp) of grinding off the tab on the needle? and the plastic case surrounding it on the daves mods??? thanks
  15. Bodhisattva

    Mods planned for my XR650L....advice please.

    ? know one could give some advice, any guys with these mods? thanks.