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  1. YZF MAD


    hi we are replacing piston in my rm 85 we have gasket set.we have a small rubber ring left over from set which we don't know where it goes??? any idea? thanks
  2. YZF MAD

    What do you guys ride? 2 STROKES!

    hi I had yzf 450 sold it now own a 08 rm250 brilliant being back on 2 smoker
  3. YZF MAD

    some pointers please

    cool track..practice..practice...make sure you have fun....
  4. how many hours are you guys runnin your first piston for? my bike is starting good valves ok heaps of compression.but dont want to run her in premature death.but i dont want to give her a new hart if i dont have to yet.... cheers yzf mad....
  5. Thanks for the advice,Going out this weekend with my sons so will have a play with the settings on forks.i am running kenda sandwicks frount and back.will rip them off after weekend and try some diff tires CHEERS!!!!
  6. Thanks for the feedback and good advice.I am going to start expermenting with what you guys have sugested.I think i will keep her for a while yet.And try and get her sorted out and me.she has done 80 hours,how many hours do you recomend before i replace piston and rings.I also have got myself a power tuner that i have loaded on some maps.It is a cool tool that makes a real differance...CHEERS
  7. Trying do get bike to turn better in corners.My cornering speed is rubbish bike seems to push me out wide.have lowered forks.I really like the bike jumps brilliantly.But if i cant fix problem.Thinking about going back to a yz250 2 stroke. CHEERS!!
  8. i have put a kenda southwick 110-90-i9 on see how she goes on sunday will be soft ground..cheers..
  9. thanks have ordered a 110-80-19 already for moto-x this weekend so will see how she goes.have set sag on bike and lowered the forks 10mm made a big diff...cheers!!!
  10. about to change my tire for winter rideing. from a 120-90-19.want to try diff size tires WHAT DO YOU THINK????
  11. YZF MAD

    Check out my new Yz video

    place looks alright to ride.beats sittin in your garage makein funny noises :cry:
  12. i have stock muffler on at the moment.have been givein a FMF muffler to put on her.will i need to make any adjustments to fuel injection? And what advantages should i expect in comparison to stock muffler? CHEERS!
  13. YZF MAD

    Compilation Vid 2012

    excellant video!!!!