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  1. specialized169

    crf250 case damage

    i would weld it and grind it back down
  2. specialized169

    destroyed forks 2004 crf 250

    nope when i put the first set in and then had to pull those ones out to put bushings and another new set of seals in and the used ones were just fine also the seals leak evenly all the way around the tube
  3. specialized169

    destroyed forks 2004 crf 250

    i have a 2004 crf 250 the i recently put brank new honda fork seals in they still leaked so i decided to order the bushing set thinking my bushings were wore out well i put that in with another set of brand new fork seals and they still leak has anybody heard of the lower tubes wearing out and also could you tell me the specs of the tube and if they are wore can i get them fixed or do i have to buy new ones
  4. specialized169

    a question for honda

    why does honda have such cheap parts on their new bikes such as the throttle assembly is useless for keeping sand and water out, its just a metal cage for starters,where as yamaha has a really nice plastic coating over the cables that guides a with no resistance,and it also has a rubber gaurd over the metal cage it virtually water tight,NOW ON TO THE SECOND THING honda comes with cheap handlebars with yamaha you will never have to buy bars again cuz, they come with pro tapers from the factory how nice is that, NOW ON THE 3RD THING, the rims that honda has are crap my spokes on my 04 are pulled damn near right through the rim, where as yamaha comes with excel rims, FOR THE 4TH THING the footpegs honda has cheap footpegs where as yamaha has really nice wide aftermarket ones from factory, also where the fork guards rub there is a metal band to protect from rubbing honda has a chincy piece of wire where as yamaha has a solid plastic piece, I AM A LIFER FOR HONDAS BUT WHICH DIRECTION ARE THEY REALLY GOING I LOVE HOW THEY HANDLE AND THE WAY THEY ARE GOING WITH THEIR MOTORS WITH THE SINGLE CAM DESIGN BUT THAT SHOULD BE CHEAPER THAN DOUBLE CAM MOTORS YOU WOULD THINK SO WHY WOULDN'T THEY USE THAT FOR RIMS AND BARS THINK HOW MUCH THEY ARE SAVING NOT USEING THAT CAM
  5. specialized169


    umm ya think about it dont matter how much power the bikes have its the rider but anyways if there're trying to slow the pros down one ya could be quieter bikes because then it would require new technology for hp not nessissairly more but just were to put it or just track design but i dont know what you mean by that cuz all you can do there is just make everything smaller but then you would just have more straight aways or just alot more small bumps
  6. specialized169

    racers resume

    so what kind of things would you send in a resume to companys your trying to get to sponser you. Also can anybody give me some programs that might be ought there like apparal companys handing out offers to wear their gear things like that but mostly worried about what to put on the resume thanks
  7. specialized169

    can you buy valves seats to put in head

    can you buy aftermarket valve seats to put in your head. well the real question is can you do it i know i can get them from www.winsert.com
  8. specialized169

    can u use a head thats been rebuilt

    i was wondering if you can use a head thats screwed up and has already been machined on once
  9. specialized169

    rod being removed from femur

    they pull it out from the top why would you **** around with a major moving part that wears out anyways and gives you pains that would instantly **** you forever
  10. specialized169

    crf250 motor

    ya bottom end all i would have to do my valves are shot rings,cylinder,shift rod is bent had to weld where rod goes into case that actually turned out better than expected but rods stil bent also right and left side covers are jb welded.
  11. specialized169

    Stability problems...

    just sqeeze a little tighter with your knees girly
  12. specialized169

    crf250 motor

    well it has a million hours on it i rebuilt the topend in spring of 06 and the motor finally went kapooch the rings are what went they started getting blow by and then finally they just went it didn't seize up it just started missing and it was done just like that
  13. specialized169

    rod being removed from femur

    ya basically the way i see it also is the if i kept the rod in and if i were to have a serious accident it would break my hip or knee which would be worse than if i would have takin it out and just broke my femur again. i appreciate your input i am having it takin out on monday thanks oh ya the rehab is 4-6 weeks before you can start jogging and running then then up to 3 months for a full feel good recovery thats what i was told by the doc here at the mayoclinic in rochester minnesota
  14. specialized169

    rod being removed from femur

    i was wondering my docters keep telling me they only want me to take the screws out of my rod and leave the rod in because they say that if i decide to take the rod out to that where the screws once were, wont heal in with bone but rather just fibers and tissue and they say it will be a major stress factor to worry about if i am going to be riding and I really just want it all out one because i feel that well if my femur is gonna break better it than my hip or knee. i guess just want to here some opinions
  15. specialized169

    crf250 motor

    does anybody know where i can get a complete motor or know somebody that will take my old motor in on a trade for a brand new one and of course some cash to. i know i can get a brand new one for 2,000 but i dont want my old one still