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  1. check motostrano for much faster service. lacing is around $150 or so. parts vary depending on the quality you go after. good rims and heavy duty spokes are typically in the 6-7 range. i've heard too many bad things about east coast.
  2. Any one have any experience with jetting for a Akra full system? I ordered up this Akrapovic evo full system from Motostrano: for 400 bucks new, unbelievable deal. Now it's tune time. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. avon distanzia supermoto tire
  4. Yea, and a pic or 2 of you too would be good.
  5. the TLD would be ok for street duty, but it's really not made for it unless you're going to wear something more substantial over it. it's very vented, not really a jacket. it's a protector, made for racing. the leather on it is very thin. plus i wouldn't want to be dealing with that velcro every time i stopped into a store or something. for the street i wear this and these
  6. Tires, but really it's the Grip you're looking for due to the spec of the tires. Stick a big fat 160 rear on the that and then a nice fat 120 on the front and you got grip. Beyond tires, it changes the whole geometry of your bike. Front end comes down and steering is more aggressive and precise. and of course it freaks people out too and that's always good.
  7. The Tech 6 are quite a few years old in terms of design and are being phased out entirely. You can find good prices on close-outs for those, but keep in mind those boots have likely been sitting in its box for a number of years at this point. The 7 is the replacement. It's equally protective, yet lighter weight and has a more compact design, plus less stuff to catch on. Really- if you're considering neck braces and all that- you need to look at the higher end Tech 10 boot. Night and day difference over anything else in the line.
  8. bitchin. Going to slap some Supermoto wheels on that?
  9. well who doesn't have a history? with strano it's vastly more good than not. jeez cut some slack to the vendors once in a while. I ordered that same kit from for my Honda. Great deal actually and they had the stuff in stock. Thumbs up for more stuff supermoto!
  10. After a good friend of mine got badly burned by East Coast and then also reading desperate posts by riders both here and at supermotojunkie about similar experiences, I called up Motostrano last year. Spoke to Paul, their wheel builder there and 2 days later sent in my stock DRZ wheels to have 'tarded up. Had them back in a week with no drama and a decent price. I've since coverted two other bikes with them. Paul's been building wheels for 15 years and the quality shows. I had a set anodized red for my CRF. Perfect 2 week job. I've also heard good things about wheelwright. Both companies have been supporting supermoto since the begining both on the pro and local level. Check around. It's not rocket science to get into supermoto. It shouldn't be a nightmare either. Brandon