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  1. I want to change the plastics on my 230 but i cant find any difforent colored ones any where. If any one finds a web site that has them please post a link. Thanxs, -E
  2. Thanks alot every one for responding to my thread. -E
  3. Hey, I'm 5'1 and I'm riding a 230crf. I was also shaky at first but after riding for hours u become used to the seat hight. I say just to tell her to ride more and she will soon become more comfortable i promise. Tell her to lean the bike when she stops so she is flat foot on one foot, i find that more comfortable then to be on my tip toes. Other then that just ride more and more and she soon will enjoy the bike even more.
  4. Is that the BBR pipe every one is saying to get?
  5. And the hondaline works fine for u? Thanxs alot
  6. hey the Maxima FFT how do u apply it, sorry im new to this kinda stuff. thanxs alot, -E
  7. Hey i have a honda 230crf and i just cleaned my air filter out, and it says to oil the filter after it drys. What oil does every one recommend?\ Thanxs for the help, -E
  8. SS header looks good..? What is the SS header who makes it? Is the BBR bolt on deep, becuase i think high pitch sounds anoying. Thanxs alot every one, for being a big help
  9. And keep the stock muffler? Mine is already uncorked and rejeted
  10. Deeper then after u uncork the stock pipe? The bolt on BBR that is shown in this project.....
  11. When u uncork it, it makes a huge difforence its alot louder and after rejeting the bike u can clearly notice the difforence
  12. I have i put one on my 150 and i dont like it as much as i would of hoped. but if ur looking for a cheap upgrade its the one. BBR also makes a slip on for the 150/230 but u need to rejet ur carb. If u want a louder/ deeper sound without buying a new pipe i would uncork the factory pipe. If u wanna do that here is a link...
  13. I have a 230crf and i would like to get a deeper exhaust and better proformence out of it. Any suggestions?
  14. im 5'2 and i have been riding for 3 years and the 230 is the perfict bike for me now. i think your son and wife will grow out of it very fast though. so i wouldnt wast your money on buying a new one. Look for a used or a 03 that has been sitting around the dealer. The only difforence is decals but u can usaly get a cupple 100 off