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    with the new RMX 450 will Suzuki drop the DRZ?

    The RMX 450, according to the inside source, will be a tamer, more off-road/desert model of the MOTO version riden by Ricky, too resemble the engineering marvels of the CRFX 450. 18' wheel, lighting coil, head/tail lamps, larger oil capacity(NEEDED), 2.9 gal tank, kickstand(alum.recessed). The motor should be hybridized by the ZUK factory to resemble the 450 Quad motor (5-speed Wide ratio) electric start or not, fuel injected?. The ZUK race quad motor RIPS! I have riden it. WOW. Now ZUK factory needs to build it. Wouldn't expect it til '08.
  2. DesertDueler

    95 Rmx250

    This is one of the best bikes I have owned. I have a 92' RMX 250 (completely restored) and for the "vintage" age, it still rips in the woods, sand dunes and the open desert. The RMX I bought used in '99 was a beater (blue frame, rusted bearings throughout and street legal, weird). I restored it to a current look with most upgrades possible, plastic, pipe, ignition, reeds/block, milled head port and polish, head light assembly. Like I said this bike is great. Most people who see it can't believe the age...'92? yeah right...! I love the weight and the power of a two stroke. This was a much better bike than the KDX 200 and the WR 250 of its time. I am looking for a web site or chatters who are into this bike.