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  1. Hi all, Just doing routine maintainance on my '04 XR650L and found the chain drive sprocket wobbling on the output shaft.There doesn't seem to be any axial play just side to side. The bike has 4400 miles on it. Will a new sprocket be the fix or am I looking at replacing the output shaft? It looks like it is the original chain and sprocket and I have if anything overlubed. Thanks for any help.
  2. Just about to uncork my '04 XR650L and use either Dynojet or do "Dave's Mod". I have tried to read most of the posts about jetting the BRP and it seems that a drastic cut in mileage goes along with re-jetting. Right now I am getting approx. 50mpg with the bike all stock and at $1.10 a liter for fuel it is a cheap ride. Is the mileage loss more due to twisting it harder with all the new found performance or is that just the way it is after jetting? Thanks for adding any clarity!
  3. GseMech

    XR650L Brake Help

    Sounds like the caliper piston is hanging up. My '04 had a rock solid rear brake due to a stuck piston. Pedal feels great but no braking action whatsoever. Worth a look at.
  4. Looking to put a pipe on my '04 XR 650L and was wondering if anyone has any experiance with the Supertrapp IDS2 Quiet series. Seems reasonable in price and looks Ok. Thanks all BRP riders!
  5. Just finished removing the smog equipment from my '04 650L using the kit from Baja Designs. I followed the sequence laid out on the XRs Only website as it was the same as mine. I now find that the idle hangs up momentarily before settling down. Before the smog removal this was never a problem.The bike is otherwise all stock. Any suggestions?
  6. GseMech

    Insurance cost XR650L

    Wow ! I can only wish my insurance was as cheap as you guys. Up here in Vancouver I pay $480 for 4 months with no collision. No insurance company will give any breaks to a bike that can go off road. And I have been riding for goimg on 30 years!
  7. GseMech

    Show your PIG

    Thanks Jeff at the Quad shop for schooling me on URLs I had stopped after wrestling my BRP to that point on a logging road only to watch a D9 Cat cruise past me heading down the hill !
  8. GseMech

    Show your PIG

    Ok is Photobucket the same thing?
  9. GseMech

    Show your PIG

    How do you put up a picture? I clicked on insert image and it asked for the URL of my picture and thats where it lost me.
  10. Thanks for the advice XR650L_Dave! The bike never sees any tight technical stuff , mostly long runs down logging roads or power line access roads.