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  1. i brought a ss one from scotts in ca
  2. Ive just been comparing my throttle assembly with the photos and my support bracket doesnt have any tab stopping the rotation. Are we all riding the same bikes with different parts ???. I guess it comes back to the first question I asked, would bending the tab on the cam allow an over rotation of the butterfly in anyones opinion ??
  3. So reading into it if the tab on the cam is removed the butterfly will over rotate and work adversely. Im glad I asked before I fiddled. Any difference in the power and rev. Dan M
  4. Just a quick catch up on how things are going. All the oil leaks have been fixed. As it turned out the leak was a loose banjo bolt tucked in behind the cylinder / barrel that feeds oil to the head. Wish Id seen that earlier. Motogroup central fixed that and gave her a total service for free so I'm really pleased with them. Big thanks to Don and crew. A question ,,,, has anyone removed the tab on the throttle cam at the carb end of the cable, by the butterfly. I've read this gives a fair bit more throttle and power. Any thoughts
  5. Hello again, Just a catch up on how things are going for me and my 5.1. Im on my third magneto cover gasket and she is still leaking oil bad enough to leave 4 cm dia puddle on the ground when ever one stops. Add to this, the base gasket is clearly weeping oil from the back of the barrel area. I had suspected it was leaking for a short time because there was oil on the clutch cover side but because the mag gasket was leaking so much oil I wasnt sure if it was traveling around the back of the barrel. Now that the mag gasket is leaking in a lower spot I can see the barrel base gasket has a leak of its own. I guess this means the engine has to be pulled down again ???. This will be my 6th trip to the shop in as many months. Like Ive said before, I love the way the bike rides but this cant keep happening. How is everyone else going with their sherco's. Well I hope Dan M
  6. Hi all, Finally at last my 5.1 is back to new, no oil leaks , no probs touch wood. In all Danny from Sunstate Moroochydor was brilliant, 9/10, and helped as much as he could so a big thanks to him. MotoCentrals support was good and they did as asked without hesitation but their times on getting things done or parts sent out needs to be addessed big time. At times it was very frustating to hear excuse after excuse as to why something hadnt been sent or was sent a week later that agreed. 5/10 for them. Enough moaning, the bike is great and Im looking forward to enjoying it.
  7. Hi all, I had a great ride yesterday, really enjoyed the bike and the tracks here at home. I was out for maybe 2 hours then returned home with a filthy machine covered in mud, accept for the alternator cover. It was fairly clean,, why was this I asked myself. Apon closer inspection I found it was covered in oil or clutch fluid. Ive cleaned it and today I will ride it in a cleaner inviroment to try to find where the leak is comming from. Ive called both the dealer and the importer and talk about all the probs Ive been having and they are in dispute as to who done what on the engine. I cautioned the dealer last time if anything else went wrong I was going to return the bike. I dont want to because there is nothing else I want,,,,accept maybe that 09 Husaberg, that looks awesome,,, so I think the bike will be going back to the shop once more. Very disa:cry: pointing
  8. Thanks for the advise thillsam, The sherco importer did the engine work them selves being my 5.1 was the first to fail in Auz. Sunstate only fitted the enginge back in the frame so the werent likely to notice a tiny leak at the time .I highly suspect sherco let the apprentice loose on it. As for the clutch assembly, you are correct in what you say. Im fairly sure the head mac at sunstate spaced the parts as required. Do you think the overtightening and lack of spacing could damage the shaft ,bearings or seals in that assembly ??? This bike is one of the best Ive ridden and I dont want to have to throw this bike back at them but I cant keep driving it up and down the coast on a trailer to get it fixed. Fingers crossed all the problems have been ironed out.
  9. Hi all, The slave oring was nicked and fluid was passing. That was shercos poor quality control with the reassembly. That problem fixed and still the clutch wouldnt disengage. Sunstate riped the clutch apart and found the main nut that fastens the clutchbasket assembly to the shaft was overtightened, maybe with a rattle gun ??, and there was no freeplay between the inner and outer basket housing. Once spaced and freeplay restored the clutch worked. I have not had a chace to put it threw its paces because of bad weather so fingers crossed all is sorted. Stay tuned
  10. Hi all. Well I got my 5.1 back yesterday - 6 wks and a few days. Bit long but what can ya do ?. I did a few laps of our farm and the clutch failed:eek: . Clutch fluid all over the lower case below the slave cylinder. I checked all the bolts and bleeders and all were tight. Ive tryed to bleed it but no luck. I will have to take the bike back to SunState Monday morning and hope they can fix it on the spot. Man this is getting real old. As for the 250's the sherco website doesnt have any pic's on the bike , just a computer image of the engine. Are there pic's out yet ??
  11. Hi all, Just a quick update, still no bike, Im getting a bit grumpy with the time delays and no bike for xmas. The engine is back together and ready tobe put back in the frame accept for the fact it hasnt turned up to the dealers from the sherco importers. Anyhow its getting closer, Im hoping before this weekend coming 28/12/07. If its not Im gonna shit Merry Christmas. A safe time to all and your family's
  12. Update you say. I must ask about that. mayby it was a similar issue but noy quite the same ??
  13. Hi all Finally the info Ive been waiting for has come in, a circlip on the starter gear failed resulting in the starter motor siezing and locking up the engine. Im relieved it was a part failure and not something I may have done. A one in a million failure. A couple of weeks and I will have my baby back in action. Im very pleased and alot of stress has disappeared. Dan M
  14. Don at Motogroup central ( sherco ) Aus, was called the very day and so was the dealer. I have nothing bad to say,, its far to early. As for the bike and filings and debris in the oil, Im not sure. I did nothing to the bike accept load it on the trailer and drive it to the dealer. Hopefully there will be some news towards the end of this week. I must say I have had excellent dealings with Don at sherco Canberra so Im optimistic a favourable outcome will be had
  15. Quote:Not good to hear as i got my bike from sunstate the same day as you and probably have similar hours. I had heard of some instances of the starter bendix getting stuck out and locking up the engine though, so hopefully something simple to fix. I was also curious as to what you found on the first vavle lash check? Its a big guess as to whats gone wrong but Im hopeful that an immediate lockup is a better sign than an engine slowly beating itself up and exploding. As for the 5 hr valve check it was as per the book. As close to 0.006 and ext 0.012 as I the shop could decerne. I hope the decimals are in the right place. Anything different from anyone else ???? Sun state said with aprillia's claims they simply put a new engine in so Im not sure, all will be revealled. I dont think the dealers have much to do with anything these days and it all comes back to the manufacturer. Now as for my partner her new KTM250EXCF blew the ass end out of the can at 15 hrs and we had to wait 2-3 weeks for KTM to front up for a replacement and no matter how much I bitched at Pro Griffen Maroochydor they wouldnt support us at all. I even had to have the old cap to them before they would give us the new one, so Im not optimistic dealers will support anyone. I will keep in touch Dan M