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  1. Tostino

    06 pipes

    Well... It may be a good pipe for the price, but proly not the best. If only the CHM SM1 would fit on the 06 sub frame. I really love mine, I have never had another after market pipe to compare it to though, so my opinion is not really counted. But just ask RHC, he loves those pipes . I got mine for 435.
  2. Tostino

    07 crf250 vs 06 crf250

    You can get a single, but you need to make sure it's designed for the 06, beacuse the subframe mounts are different then on 04/05.
  3. Tostino

    Wat Pipes R Good

    Now Now Don't Make Fun Of The Grammar Impaired, It's Not Nice. (God that was hard to type making the first letter of every word in caps)
  4. Tostino

    wat kind of pipe r u runnin?

    On my bike (05) I have a CHM SM-1. I love that pipe. I seem to be one of the few who like the look of the pipe though...
  5. Tostino

    1st ride on brand new 06 crf 250R

    Since those are such old bikes, they would have lost a good bit of power from when they were new. So a 250f shouldn't be a big difference in power honstly.
  6. Tostino

    What wil the 07 have to offer

    Bumping is bad, no matter the reason. This thread has been dead for well over a year, and there have been a few threads about what the 07 will have much more recently that you could have posted this in. All bumping does is cause confusion, don't do it again please. (I am not a mod or anything, so I can't actualy do anything if you do it again. I am just "kindly" asking)
  7. Tostino

    06 CRF250R what should I do to it??

    It depends on what pipe you have really. I could tell a HUGE difference when I got my SM-1 full system. And when my dad got a E2 for his 250x it didn't make all that big of a difference. But I havn't ever ridden a bike with a high comp pistion or new cam, so I can't tell you how much each of them would help. I do know that my pipe did give me a bit more power in mid and high, and really didn't take anything from down low.
  8. Tostino


    I can't even tell if you have a problem, or are just ranting. You need to try and ask what you need more clearly.
  9. Tostino

    Question about CHM sm-1

    I wish I had acess to other pipes to try out so I could say that and be 100% sure. But I do know I love the power my bike puts out after getting my SM-1.
  10. Tostino

    CRF250 Crower Power

    Looks like it from the bike in his garage.
  11. Tostino

    250 r and x

    R = race bike X = trail bike
  12. Tostino

    Akrapovic vs Pro-circuit

    My SM-1 Is very good looking. I like the look of it much more then my dads E2 for his 250x. If you don't like it no one is forcing you to get it, but it is a VERY good performing pipe, has a great sound, and I really think it looks cool. Edit: And it's 435$ at http://pipecity.com I would like you to try and find a better full system for less.
  13. Tostino

    CRF 250, should I get one?

    Yeah I was wondering why people keped responding with imput after that first guy that bumped this, do you guys not read the dates?
  14. Tostino

    Choice on exhaust

    Or get it from pipe city for 435 I think mine was, with free shiping. Very nice pipe.
  15. Tostino

    Best 06 crf250r exhaust

    The first time I was on it after getting the pipe I thought it was not getting enough fuel, beacuse it would start to choke up on me and sputter at around what sounded like 5.5-6k rpm. Well it turns out that I just wasn't use to the bike reving that fast, and I was riding right on the rev limiter. Well I almost never was on the limiter with the stock pipe, it was just too hard to get there. So I didn't really know the feel of hiting the limiter on my bike... It had me confused for the whole first day of riding . It is so fun being able to just give it gas and have the front tire come off the ground (well it does help that I am 130 lbs). I highly recommend the CHM SM-1... Great pipe for the money (and all around great pipe). Great mid/high gains and it still added a very little to the low.