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    Help! '05 WR250F Idling Problem

    Problem solved! Thanks to everyone, especially Barton. Problem was a totally clogged pilot jet. I decided to replace with a #42 PJ per a friend's experience. While I was at it, I installed a Zip-Ty pilot screw, JD Jetting kit and Boyesen quick shot. Bike runs better than it did from new. I'm wondering if the pilot was already semi-clogged from the long trip oversea? I've heard recommedations of cleaning jets after delivery. Also the main culprit seemed to be the famous green crap. I did run Sta-bil through it at the end of last season, but I don't think I ran it long enough. I've used Sta-bil for years in my sleds, never a problem, but always ran them longer. Anyway, thanks again.
  2. saoyrick

    Help! '05 WR250F Idling Problem

    I have the stock #40 Pilot Jet. I have not tried cleaning the pilot circuits yet. Any suggestions on pilot jet size? Thanks.
  3. saoyrick

    Bike protection/woods bike

    I'm in the Northeast. Definitely use both. I've got a CRD skid plate and EE shark fin on my 250F. Both are quality pieces.
  4. I have an '05 WR250F which has a very erratic idle. I've done all the free mods, gray wire etc. Currently my pilot screw is at 1-3/4 turns out. It seems no matter what the setting (1-1/2-2-1/2 turns out) the idle jumps from near stalling to high rev. I try to adjust with the idle screw, but this does not help. I do not have problems higher in the throttle range (out of the pilot screw range of effect). The bike has behaved like this since new. Dirt in the carb? I'm at a loss. Thanks.