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    seized 03 yz250f

    Hey Guys, Bought 2003 YZ250f 2 weeks ago in newmarket ontario. Top-end rebuilt in the fall, great tires, suspension done, almost mint condition. Then on sunday 1/2 throttle 5th gear engine locks up. Boooo urns! Oil level was fine before and after the seizure. Only the 3rd hour (4th tops) of riding time! I take it back to the dealer I bought it from, "dont know what happened to it, maybe the oil pump quit, $2200 plus taxes (canadian) new bottom end, crank ect, and needs a new top-end.... " I almost fell over! After a brief conversation and my sob story, they told me to come in and see what kind of deal they can make me ... What kind of deal should I expect or push for? No labour? Parts at costs? ect.... anyone been in this situation before? Thanks for any advice...