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  1. will the 07 cam fit a 04 head and if so is the difference in performance worth it ??
  2. Here's mine
  3. It doesnt matter how much you spend or what brand your valves are , they all will go out of spec if you hold you bike on the rev limiter. At my local tracks i see people ringing the sh1t out of there bikes and not changing gears . They wait till the bike is screaming like a 2 stroke hold it 10 seconds then change. Some people will say they are made for it , 2 strokes are , 4 strokes are not. These things stop making power in the higher rev range . Most ex 2 stroke riders dont realise this and thrash and trash there valves in 20 hours..
  4. Thanks for the reply mate
  5. hi what size is the spark plug socket for a crf250 ? i've had mine stolen and need a new one . i think it was 14mm Anyone know ?
  6. yeah i use the evs ballistic , very happy with it so far . Its very comfy for its size and seems to be lasting well .
  7. probably to much oil in your air filter .
  8. Hi Has anyone fitted a "110" , 952 to there crf ? Does it fit ? I have read some where that some 110 size rear tires rub on the 250's Any good or bad things about this tire ? Any replies appreciated
  9. mmm i have 13 - 48 , i was thinking of going to 14 . We Must have different tracks down here
  10. It will be out in Australia late September .
  11. Here she is
  12. Hi Is anyone using kibblewhite stainless valves and springs ? Are they any good ?
  13. Hi Don't bump start your bike dude , if you can't kick start it , dont ride it . If the bike wont start with you kicking it, there is something really wrong and riding it wont make it better , only worse and more costly .
  14. Hi What weight oil are you using ? It may be to heavy .Honda's have an oil sensor in which , the bike will not start unless its covered with oil . Does it start better once it warmed up ?
  15. How many teeth are you guys n girls using on your front n rear sprockets ?