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  1. I recently aquired a V2 under bar mount version GPR for my bike but when i go to mount it up it is resting on my steering stem nut before bottoming on my triple clamp. Anyone else run into this problem on their bike and if so could you please tell me what you did to remedy the problem. Thanks!
  2. horseman3

    JD jet kit sxf250..

    Yes they are excellent. Put the kit in yesterday and all i can say is WOW. That kit literally turned that bike into a different machine, no bog anywhere and instant response! Bike runs outstanding and i couldnt be happier with it. Props to JD!
  3. Just ordered my jet kit from JD and im hoping that this kit will greatly improve the response of my bike. Anyone using the kit from JD that can tell me wether or not you think they are good kits as far as carb issues on these bikes stock?
  4. Ok im about to take this bike out and shoot it. Im gonna be as specific as i can with all the details in the hopes someone can lead me in the right direction. Bike is bogging down when i whack the throttle from nothing to WOT. Have the r&d power pump adj leak jet system installed today which has cured all of my other bikes of this problem but not this one..yet. Also, was doing some hairpin turns on the track today and when i went to WOT out of the turn it fell on its face. Bike has a megabomb header with 4.1 can. As of right now it has a 165 main with a obetp keihin needle on the 3rd clip, 42 pilot jet and roughly out 1-1.5 turns on fuel screw. Feels like im feeding it too much fuel causing it to bog down like this, also plug is darker than id like (not tan). Should i try an even smaller main or maybe go to the 2nd position on clip? In Georgia so not too high up in the air also. Bike only has about 8 total hours on it since new and the carb has been soaked and all orfaces cleaned and blown out. Also, another sympton is after jumping, instead of picking up it feels like its running out of fuel like nosediving. Thanks to any and all who can help me fix this.
  5. Recently purchased a 2006 KTM Sxf250 with about 6 hours on it and ridden it twice. Im in love with the bike but as usual with these it has the bog off idle which is killing me. I have the early 06 which has no leak jet at all. Long story short ive purchased an r&d power pump 2 for it and would like to know which leak jet setting i need to start with, was thinking 50 but would appreciate some feedback. Had the R&D on 2 other bikes and in my opinion was a miracle maker with the bog problem, hoping the same for this bike. Thanks in advance.
  6. horseman3

    I Went orange!

    I like it also, was thinking of a second set of plastics for mine to..that white looks great. Good Job!
  7. What are you guys typically running as your main jets and clip position on the needle, have a megabomb header and Titanium muffler.
  8. Any help on this would be fantastic. Just aquired a 2006 CR 125 and took it out for the first time today. Is there anything that i can do to get some more bottom end power? Seems like it goes from nothing to wide open. Id like for it to pull better like up hills, out of corners etc without always being just wide open. Thanks
  9. My son just turned 6 today and has been wanting a bike for a while. Was thinking of the CRF50 but really want some feedback as to reliability etc. with these machines or would you steer me in a different direction so forth and so on. Any help would be outstanding, will be purchasing within a week. Thanks in advance.
  10. horseman3

    First ride on my 06kx250f , best day ever!!

    If it had fresh oil in it before the 2 hours, i would wait until after your next good ride. I usually change mine after 2 rides, 6-8 hours with full synthetic. glad you like your bike!
  11. horseman3

    New to the KX250F

    The richest one i have is a 175, ill throw it in, i appreciate your advice, please tell me i can leave the clip in the 5th position, i really dont wanna take the whole carb out again.
  12. horseman3

    '05 KX250F Back Fire...HELP

    Anytime you clean a carb you should remove the jets and let them soak and why he said you need to clean the jets twice a season is beyond me unless he absolutley never rode this bike. First off Stabil gas stabilizer is your friend, if your not gonna ride the bike for a long while (3 months-longer) use it and you shouldnt need to clean the jets...secondly the decel pop sounds to me like your are running a too lean pilot jet, step up to a 42 and turn your fuel mixture screw out 2 turns and you should be good.
  13. horseman3

    New to the KX250F

    Final setting as of now...165 main with the clip in the 5th position, 42 pilot, 50 leak, fuel screw 2 turns out.
  14. horseman3

    New to the KX250F

    Just got back from downstairs putting back in the 42 pilot and turned the fuel screw out 2 turns, seemed to be way better than before, of course i was in my yard and not on some long trails to really test it, but it did seem alot better.
  15. horseman3

    New to the KX250F

    The bike has a 13 front and a 49 rear sprocket on it if that helps my situation any. By the way i appreciate everyones response, and didnt treat me like an idiot