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  1. Mountain Goat

    Stranger things have probably happened ...

    The back of your dress was beautiful! You are a good seamstress. Any guest worth their salt felt the adventure of the day! It was an awesome location.
  2. Mountain Goat

    Stranger things have probably happened ...

    Yay, Mrs. Firecracker! The blue in your hair and your dress were beautiful, and what a gorgeous place to get married. Congratulations! Marriage is a great thing! It's saying "I love you" with guts. Here's wishing you every happiness! And we want to see more pictures...
  3. Mountain Goat

    But why?????

    Yikes! Well, if I ever try to climb Mt. Rainier again, I'm going to get me one of those pee-mates!
  4. Mountain Goat

    But why?????

    A couple friends of mine bought a hard plastic version of that for a Mt. Rainier climb we did together. I didn't buy one just because I figured that I'd sweat enough to not need to go on the day of our ascent. It makes sense, though, where you really can't get away for privacy, when you're roped up with several men, and there's no trees/bushes/rock outcropping nearby. Any which way you go, you have to ask your rope team to please give you a minute and look the other way.
  5. Mountain Goat

    jat250wr gets engaged!

    Awww...Yogi and I are so happy for you guys! All the best wishes to you both! I agree - what a great proposal. 5moh in the wind sounds scary, um, even without the wind, but what an exhilarating moment to sweep the little woman off her feet
  6. Mountain Goat

    We need some Thumperttes to chime in

    It should be a non-issue as far as Sarah Palin's ability to be a good VP, I agree. I also agree that teenagers having babies isn't bad. I understand that others draw different lines in sexual morality, but being sexually active with some-one you're not married to, is morally wrong to me. Therefore, a mistake and a wrong choice. Not one that needs to ruin her life, or her baby's life. Her family sounds like they will be supportive of both, and that is a good thing. Maybe that baby's father will be there for his child, too. I don't know if Palin would be a good VP. I just think she was a good, strategic choice. Women who were excited about Hillary for the most part will not go for her, I am thinking... I don't suppose their thinking is likely to be so shallow that they would put gender as the #1, and only, thing. Palin should have some party cross-over appeal, however. And she will likely appeal to many undecided independents, and they're the ones that swing election results.
  7. Mountain Goat

    We need some Thumperttes to chime in

    Yeah, I don't think it's a very wise strategy, if the dems try to call her disqualified on the basis of inexperience...Obama hasn't had any more, and arguably, less. Do they really want to draw attention to that fact? She's one heartbeat away, and McCain's going to die soon? Heredity is one of the biggest predictors of longevity - look at McCain's mom. He could do well for a long time (although, I do think he is old.) If he died or became incapacitated, she'd have to appoint a VP that filled in her gaps. Her teenaged daughter got pregnant? That's too bad, but everybody knows somebody who did all the right things only to see their kids make wrong choices and serious mistakes. We have one friend in Alaska, and he described her a while back as somebody that everybody really liked as their governor. Her husband is a union man - does that qualify her as being in touch with about "little people", or just people with basic concerns? I still think she is a brilliant choice for the republicans, strategically. I give McCain a much greater chance now.
  8. Mountain Goat

    We need some Thumperttes to chime in

    Well, I wondered about what a journalism major does entail, once I thought about it. I know at the college I attended, history and journalism majors overlapped to a degree, and with history, you had to have courses in sociology, anthropology, economics, etc. I wouldn't want to vote for some-one based on gender or race, either. "History" could have been made in another election cycle, imo. It is going to be a more interesting ride to the finish line now that it'll be "firsts" either way the contest goes. I wonder what Palin's ideas are about economic issues. As I understand it, she basically put through a windfall tax on oil companies? What the democrats have been ballyhooing about.
  9. Mountain Goat

    Wedding and engagement rings

    That right there impresses me. I don't think you're too young to know you've found the right one, for what it's worth. My husband and I were just 18 and 16 years old when we met. We decided after about a year that we wanted to stay together, got engaged a year later, and married two years after that, after he had finished a bachelor's degree and I was well on my way to finishing mine. We've been best friends all along - not without plenty of friction at times. Now we've been married 28 years. Anyway, I think our society is too hard on young people deciding they want to get married. Recognize you'll be out of the mainstream, and most of your friends will not feel they can relate to you. Don't allow yourself to be lonely for that. You can carve out your own course. Of course, when my son announced he wanted to propose to his gf, and get married at age 20, I was upset and worried. Those two did several things I'd have advised them not to, had they asked: got married before "finishing their education", bought a home, got a dog. Completely tied down. But they have been married three years now, and I think they are really happy. They are growing up together, instead of separately. That's not such a bad thing, maybe. Maturity is made up of different measures, and you have to have some aspects of maturity in place to make a marriage work, but some people have those aspects of maturity very young, and some never develop it, however old they are. As far as the advice you actually wanted - if your gf has maturity - she won't be disappointed with a modest ring. I'm glad my husband got me a nice (not expensive, but def. nice) ring - it is the only piece of jewelry I usually wear. It never leaves my finger. It is really special to me. As they say in the wedding ceremony - a token of your love.
  10. Mountain Goat

    We need some Thumperttes to chime in

    Where'd you get five months' experience from? Hasn't she been gov of AK for two years, and a mayor of a city for, idk, 6 or 8 years? She's had more experience than Obama. McCain's anger management problem is hyped, but he's been able to put together a lot of impressive coalitions. I think women are born negotiators. Palin is a born fighter, but as a mom of five, you can bet she's also a peace-maker. (I am jazzed about McCain's choice, can you tell?) Of COURSE he picked her to make a choice for him as "exciting" as a choice for Obama. Some voters will feel insulted, but it seems to me that Palin fits in with McCain as a maverick, an independent type. How many high level politicians have majored in poly-sci? I remember reading about this once...hazily recall that most presidents/vps have majored in law. A respectible few have majored in journalism, I believe. Journalism is a major which requires a lot of "broadening" classes - I think - you have to have at least basic courses in practically everything, somewhat like a history major. Am I right about that? Maybe not. My thought in a nano-second, was exactly Heidi's -- standing up for little people's rights - yeah, how about the right to life? I was really touched to read about Palin's decision to keep her Down's Syndrome son. She said the first time she held him in her arms, she just thought, "He's perfect." McCain is prolife. He has a zero rating from NARAL.
  11. Mountain Goat

    Katys Pain in the Neck

    Holy javelin! The woman rides to the hospital, and home from.... dang. Me, I'd have just gone into mild shock when I saw it. Didn't you get just a little faint, for a minute to two, maybe? You are one strong gal. Grandmother of the Year!
  12. Mountain Goat

    Beer + mini bikes = bitchin good times!

    The pics with the captions "Mark at the finish" and "Ruben" made me wonder - could these jollies not hold their beer and minis? It looks like a fun time was had by all. Gurgled stomach, but fun.
  13. Mountain Goat

    Insignificant positive thread

    There's a smell that makes me start grinning every time it hits the nostrils -- which always seems to be on a sunny day - the sap flowing smell of a pine tree. When I smell that outside, all's right with the world.
  14. I like the tank, too. How did you come up with that design? It is striking.
  15. Mountain Goat

    Still a little annoyed ...

    That is an amazing picture. The background all blurry with speed and yet you can see Jat's eyes! Way cool.