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  1. Twizted Frame876

    what is the sickest/dumbest thing youve done while riding

    sick lucky it didnt die right there, that woulda been oodles of fun getting it out
  2. Twizted Frame876

    So today I rode....

    oh, well i was talking to jameson adn thats what he told me
  3. Twizted Frame876

    So today I rode....

    i know the whole story now, what happened was they saw the cop, and the 2 kids took off on their bikes, and the other kid on the KC100 who is a total burnout stalled, couldn't start the bike and the cop cut him off, the kid panicked and the cop asked for names, the kid gave them names, address AND phone numbers, the other 2 kids had gotten away fine, until the cops showed up at their house's and the guys were like "dude &%$#@!, you could at least made some shit up" and the kid says "you shouldn't have ditched me!!!" just so you know, the snitch is a complete pot head and doesn't know the first thing about bikes, he cant even mix gas and oil, i think he only got the bike because its green, he doesn't eve have a helmet
  4. Twizted Frame876

    Gas Can that doesn't Offgas?

    oh like them gas cans that have like the "X" on the side thats like dented into it
  5. Twizted Frame876

    So today I rode....

    and why is that?
  6. Twizted Frame876

    So today I rode....

    sorry, not insulted, beter luck next time buddy
  7. Twizted Frame876

    So today I rode....

    ok sir, for your information, the pigs around here arent just strict, there complete ********, they have nothing better to do becasue we live in a little jerkwater one horse town so to keep them selfs ocupied other than playing with tehmself they patrol the woods, and bust kids for no frikkin reason, now if your on teh street then yea you deserve punishment, but if your riding in teh woods and not bothering anyone, &%$#@! who gives a shit, and then they wonder why we run from them when we spot them. in the words of pink floyd "leave them kids alone" that better?
  8. Twizted Frame876

    So today I rode....

    stfu, and stop being a Mr. goodie goodie
  9. Twizted Frame876

    Diesel Powered Bike

    &%$#@! that looks insane
  10. Twizted Frame876

    So today I rode....

    no just don't get caught, if you do, then your a retard for getting caught
  11. dude anythign that has to do with citric fruit is absolute murder on your bikes bearings, even with a power washer the oils still wont completely come out, so that 2-3 bucks a bottle is really gunna cost a shitload more in the long run, simple green is teh best you can go, it may not be AS strong and you may have to spend a lil more time on washing but it wont murder your bike just my .02
  12. Twizted Frame876

    So today I rode....

    well actually it depends on how much of a dick much the cop is, the pigs from my area are complete jerkoffs, but offer his a couple dozen doughnuts and you should be clear:lol:
  13. Twizted Frame876

    ahh. the classic first turn

    if your talking to me then yes i have raced, adn yes it is scary, for the first couiple of time, you get used ot it tho, but im just saying thats a classic example of every race, someone always crashes