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    Ultimate Dual Sport Tires. Please Vote for your Fav.

    I run the Conti TKC 80s, I commute on the road, and do a lot of desert riding. Only disappointment I've run into with them is steep hill climbing in loose sand and I've laid the bike down in some snow too.
  2. I was in my local shop yesterday bouncing ideas for upgrading the performance of my '05 drz-400s off some of the guys, mostly along the lines of carb and pipe. they said not to bother, that it would decrease the reliability of the bike and for the money spent it wasn't worth the negligible performance increase. now I'm not sure if they're telling me this to try and get me on another more expensive bike or if its really the truth and what I'm looking for is a honest opinion from the TT community. I know sometimes after we spend lots of time and especially $$ on improvements our bikes are supposedly the best ever, but I've done many cheap performance mods that I've learned from the site to the bike - 3X3, dropped a tooth in the front sprocket, and jetted for 6500 feet altitude, and I'm on the fence about dropping some cash on some serious upgrades. Most of my riding is desert riding in utah and commuting, and some singletrack and more technical stuff in sw colorado and new mexico. The reliability and capability of the bike is obviously important with being so far out in the desert so I don't want to lose that, but am I really going to have to upgrade to a bigger bike like KTM 450 EXC or 525 to find the performance and reliability I want? I appreciate your opinions!
  3. campxcski

    2005 DRZ 400S kick starter

    could someone help me please? my local dealer says that suzuki's kickstart package is for the "e" model only and won't work for my "s" dual sport. Has anyone gotten this or another kickstart to work with this bike? thanks...