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  1. cavmat

    Aussie Wiring Diagram

    When I bought my bike I removed all the on road gear and fitted the enduro wiring loom, Im now trying to put the speedo and indicators on etc but cant remember where everything goes. has any one got a wiring diagram to suit the Australian CRF450x?
  2. Im thinking of buying an 07 or 08 te250 or 450 soon. Just wondering about people experience with these two bike good & bad. how many hours before piston replacement? how mant hours before valve replacement? WHAT DO YOU LIKE AND WHAT DONT YOU LIKE. That sort of thing. current ride 06 crf450x, would I be better stiking with 450cc or trying my luck with a 250cc, I want to give a 250 a go but Im scared I'ii miss the power. what do you think.
  3. cavmat

    Popping at 1/4 Throttle

    I havnt had the plate out but when I checked the needle it had exessive wear on it compared to a honda one out of an other bike with similar hours. all the multitapers were worn off and there are wear marks up the shaft of the needle. because this needle is brass and runs in the needle jet which is also brass could this cause more wear to the needle jet, an therefore alter your fuel air ratio and clip position, because the honda needle is alloy and is softer than brass it would wear first?.
  4. cavmat

    Popping at 1/4 Throttle

    No, I run a vortex duel curve cdi, unplugged it and put honda one in still have problem.
  5. cavmat

    Popping at 1/4 Throttle

    My 06 crf450x pops & farts at 1/4 throttle to the point where it wont drive the bike, idles perfect & once past 1/2 throttle blows a couple of puffs of black smoke then runs perfect but most singletrail riding is done at 1/4 trottle and its killing me. pilot jet 48 red jd needle 4th clip 165 main idle 1 1/8 out air box mod. Valves are fine, carby has been dissasembled twice and jets cleaned, spark plug is black so I asume its running rich getting too much fuel then once past 1/2 throttle sends unburnt fuel out the back, bike has done 100 hours and never missed a beat, now this. Im stumped anyone help please. Sick of trying to fix it, "just want to ride it".
  6. cavmat

    KTM300 or NOT?

    I currently ride an 06 CRF450x and love it. But I am starting to get tired of the constant maintenence and cost of keeping them running. I am Interested in an 07 KTM 300 exc-e but am a but unsure of the torque specifications compared to my honda. Is any one able to help me with a comparison of the two bikes including max bhp at rpm and max lbs torque at rpm. or any information about the 300 would be great and if anyone else has made the switch from 450 thumper to 300 2t iny input is good input. thank-you.