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  1. skidooboy

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    Kinross, and Sandtown are always in the discussion and great places to ride in the UP. the wife and I may be up there later in the week. we are off all next week. We heard the northwest lower peninsula has lots of downed trees, and impassable sections of many trail systems, and the dnr are requesting riders avoid these areas until further notice. Ski
  2. skidooboy

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    great info here guys... so who do we contact for complaints on the tin cup, and Evart trail systems? the link provided was a generic link (I followed) but, it did not go to a definite place to give feedback, or request a trail be looked into for grooming. thank you all for the time. Ski
  3. skidooboy

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    this report was on the cycle only portion of the tin cup trails (also heard Evart was like this as well). cycle only, mcct trails are usually 40", orv trail is 50" orv route is over 50" (usually wider snowmobile trails, seasonal roads/routes, ect...) think side by side utvs, cars, jeeps, sand rails 4x4 trucks ect... like I said, I have never heard the mcct trail/cycle specific narrow trails getting "groomed" smooth for whoops. I could be wrong... educate me. Ski
  4. skidooboy

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    how would they groom a sub 40" cycle only trail? never heard of that in Michigan. Ski
  5. skidooboy

    Michigan Trail Condition Thread - Please post

    the wife and I rode tin cup, near Baldwin area last weekend (8/5), rode the cycle specific (40" trail) completed whole loop approx. 20 miles, WHOOPS FROM END TO END. no flow, could not get any speed, you were always trying to time whoops, and getting pounded by them. terrain, and elevation changes were awesome but, the 3 foot deep whoops made it unbearable. would not recommend taking a newbie there, unless you wanted them to quit the sport . it really needs a 36" rototiller, or cultipacker treatement to knock down the whoops. Ski
  6. skidooboy

    17 xcf250 gearing

    where are you getting the 12 tooth sprocket? Ski
  7. skidooboy

    17 xcf250 gearing

    did a search, most are for the older xc-f platforms, still looking for help for 17-18 xcf250. looking for woods gearing suggestions. seems like you could go up to 52 on the rear to help the lugging and longer gear feeling in 1st-3rd in the tighter stuff. but, from what I gather... having a 13 on the front stock doesn't help us, as going to a 12 tooth makes for a tight front wrap. and going to the 52 on the rear, sounds like you wear the rear chain guide. any options for lowering the chain guide, or is this not an issue? any other gearing suggestions. thanks for the help in advance. Ski
  8. skidooboy

    2018 YZ250fx mods height etc

    checking on the devol site, the transformer does not appear to fit the 17-18 250fx, from what I read in the fitment chart. can someone verify if this will fit the 18 250fx. would be a great option for those that need close to an inch lower. Ski
  9. skidooboy

    broke neck c-7

    only you can answer the question. is it worth you being permenantly disabled? i would hate to be placed in that position, and i truely feel for you. i love bikes but, if it were ride and possibly be disabled the rest of my life, i might make a choice to be alittle more conservative. you could always be around the sport, just in a different capacity, mechanic, track design, trainer ect... only you can make that decision. good luck. hope things turn out well for you. ski
  10. less than one week to go, we will be riding both days, saturday and sunday. come to the track and get your slide on. ski
  11. ttt, looks like the "BIG DAY" is the 20th (saturday), a few of us will still be around possibly for sunday as well. just over 2 weeks away. lets ride!!! ski
  12. TTT, just off the phone with steve the track owner, he will be grooming the dirt section with the bobcat for us. gonna be a fun weekend. come on down. ski
  13. 1 month to go, anyone else planning on going? lots of time to make plans and get kitchen passes if you need them. ski
  14. over 140 views and one person interested in attending? come on guys, show your support for local riding. ski
  15. anyone elses? where is everyone that is always asking where to ride??? ski