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  1. awoodman

    KD-D Final assembly pictures....

    man that's awesome. great job!
  2. awoodman

    Paint turned out like ass. Now what?

    I like the green. do you know anyone with a spray booth? bring it to a nearby auto body sop and ask them to do it. spray booths have filters so theres no dust. good luck!
  3. awoodman

    can't decide

    if youre already 5'5", buy a 125. I am 5'9" and perfectly comfortable on a 125. You're also still growng fast if you're 13..
  4. awoodman

    Is your KDX this potent?

    LMAO, 70hp? Maybe if it had a 4 cylinder car engine in it.
  5. awoodman

    KDX 200 with mods compared to 125?

    My friend has a '04 RM125 and I have an '06 KDX200. We would do some drag racing just for fun to see whoes is faster. His RM is stock. My KDX has an FMF desert pipe, PCII silencer, and an RB modded carb. I didnt have the modded carb when I raced him, and I easily crushed him. I have not been on the track with him, so I don't know about suspension and all, but listen to these guys. The KDX is not an mx bike, and will get raped on the track by the RM or KX or whichever it is.
  6. awoodman

    Can you putt around on a KDX?

    Stock, the KDX will put around just fine. I bought a FMF desert pipe and a FMF PCII silencer and went for a 1/2 hr. ride in the tight trails. When I got back to my house I opened it up. It was bogging for good 5-10 mins, until I cleaned it out. If you want to upgrade pipes and putt, get the woods pipe.
  7. awoodman

    400cc DS vs. KDX200???

    I have an '06 KDX200 with an FMF Desert pipe and RB modified carburetor. IMO, the thing is a monster whether you are on or off the road. I added the RB Designs carb at the end of the riding season (snow came soon after) so I didnt get a chance to dial it in but with just the FMF pipe, it is great. Like others mentioned, the DRZ is a lot heavier then the KDX. The DRZ weighs 249 pounds dry. The KDX weighs 222.6 and it has room for improvement. The stock pipe and muffler are anchors. Swap them for FMF and you will probably drop five of more pounds. Just the weight difference between the two bikes might compensate for the amount of power the DRZ has on the KDX. Get the KDX and you'll love it!
  8. awoodman

    kdx200 guys

    I have a kdx200 with the RB carb mod, FMF Gnarly Rev, and rejetted. It will produce a lot of revving power and has enough power down low even with the pipe and carb mod, to ride the trails. I love it-your son should, too.
  9. awoodman

    RB carb questions

    Ok, so I recently got the R&B Carb mod on my '06 KDX200. I still dont have it properly tuned, and i am having some trouble with the airscrew. It was set to 7/8 of a turn out, so I started from there and turned it, and didn't notice a difference, even after a whole turn. I turned in other direction, and same thing. Is this air screw meant for when you are at 0 throttle and you go wot right off the bat? Or only from 0-1/4? I usually just do fast shifting, off of the line, so I go from 0-wot throttle, then shift, then the same thing again. should I test the results by stopping and using the clutch? Or should I slow way down to almost stall without the clutch pulled in and go WOT? <-When I do that, it bogs.
  10. awoodman

    Switching from Fatty to Gnarly

    whats the bike?
  11. awoodman

    KX/KDX motorswap radiator question

    I would use KDX radiators since the coolant system could be meant for less or more coolant. Make it work with the frame, and good luck!
  12. awoodman

    Anyone put inverted forks on the KDX?

    well I have ridden a '04 RM125 and my bike had more and more easily manageable power. The low end on the KX is obviously way worse...The suspension is different for sure, though.
  13. awoodman

    Anyone put inverted forks on the KDX?

    I have the rb carb mod, gnarly rev pipe, and powercore 2 silencer. So after this mod is done and maybe a kx rear shock, my KDX will be like a 200 mx bike? or am I wrong?
  14. awoodman

    Considering a KDX220

    Ive got the kdx200 and i put on a rev pipe, so its bottom isnt very good, but i just sent the carb to rb designs, so i should have some good low end after that...I didnt really lose and bottom end from putting the pipe on. But i heard the 220's are great for technical trails.
  15. awoodman

    Gnarly Jetting for 220

    I would say start at 155/45 to be safe...thats what i did and i kept it there