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  1. I sent you an email on my VOR 400 I have for sale. It's registered for the street with a clean title.
  2. JJ_008

    The VOR crossover parts thread!

    Wheel Bearings. The VOR takes 3 bearings per wheel. KBC Bearings makes the correct bearing. Part number 6004DD C3G14. Any bearing house should be able to get these. I bought 6 for $20 at McGuire Bearing.
  3. JJ_008

    VOR wheel widths

    Has anyone put a 5" x 17" wheel on the rear? Is there any chain or swing arm clearance problems? Thanks.
  4. Will the Pirelli MT90-AT 120/80/18 work well on a 2.15" rim? I am looking for a more street oriented tire (80% on road) w/ decent handling. The front tire size is a 90/90/21. Thanks in advance.
  5. JJ_008

    New VOR 400MX owner..

    $1200 MotoXotica got me all my parts and the bike is ready for action.
  6. JJ_008

    Backin it in at 120mph

    I'm another American Supercamp grad (took the class ths weekend). I have a whole new appreciation of dirt track racers. I have never ridden a dirt bike before this class and I look forward to going out and trying out my new skills. BTW, Chris Carr is stupid fast and all the instructors were good.
  7. JJ_008

    wide open sports arena

    The American Supercamp is going to be the last event held there (5/5-5/8). I was there yesterday and they are going to tear it down and put in a Harley dealership.
  8. JJ_008

    New VOR 400MX owner..

    I'm pretty sure the brake line leak isn't going to go away . Luckily, MotoXotica seems to have all the parts I need so far. I can't wait to go out and ride.
  9. JJ_008

    New VOR 400MX owner..

    Hello everyone. I just picked up a used 2000 VOR 400 today. It's a little rough, but it seems to run/shift pretty good. I have discovered a leaking rear brake line, the stock slip on is missing some rivets, the rubber headlight holders have severe cracks, and it has broken clutch lever. Is there anything else I should look for that is a common issue w/ this bike? I also noticed that the bike seems to have all the wiring for blinkers, tail lights, etc. Thanks in advance. I heard this is forum to be on if you have a VOR