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  1. Was just looking to do a quick revalve (2012 KTM300XC) and wasn't sure how to align these delta shims... anyone have some quick advice? All facing the same way covering 1 set of holes or stagered to get coverage of all holes?
  2. mxkid1p

    2012 300XC Advice...

    I bought this bike new 15 months ago. This is my first KTM, always ridden Kawi's for 24 years, and in 06 started revalving my own bikes after my tuner pasted away. I have been terrified to bust into the WP forks and shock as I hear about piston hieghts, needles, and bladders in the forks... These are completly foreign having spent 24 years on KYB's. So some questions... Forks How much air in the bladder for a 230lb Expert Enduro Rider? What about stacks...? I would like a little smoother ride but would like to fork to hold better in the really aggressive turns... there aren't near as many shims to play with compared to my Kawi's. What are some thoughts about the following? Am I even close? lol Base 3x24.1 <---+ 2x24.1 16.1 3x24.1 <--- Removed 1x24.1 23.1 22.1 21.1 <---+ 1x17.1 20.1 19.1 18.1 17.1 16.1 15.1 14.1 <---+ 1x13.1 <---+ 1x12.1 9.5x0.3 <--- Remove 1 9.5x0.3 16.25 Mid 12.1 <--- Remove 3x20.1 <--- Remove 1x20.1 <---+ 12.1 18.1 16.1 14.1 10.2 Reb 15.1 3xd20.1 12.1 16.1 14.1 13.1 12.1 10.3 Shock I don't have a stack to post just yet cause I don't know all the factors inside. How hard are these shocks to work on? I'm pretty scared to work on this thing... Do I really need a Vacuum to bleed them? Can I bleed them just like a KYB? Is there really a 2nd piston in there or a bladder for Nitro? Sorry for the ignorance... I really want to bust these things open while there is snow on the ground and I would appriciate any thoughts on any of these questions... Thanks!
  3. mxkid1p

    Miles per tank

    Just this last weekend I hit reserve at 33 miles and was out at 44. This was so frustrating. I adjusted my float again and now its shutting off asap... I am thinking of ordering a larger tank this week. I have to be able to get 70 out of her or I am going to have to carry tons of gas on me and I hate that... Anyone find anything else that works for them?
  4. mxkid1p

    2 Stroke/4 Stroke Plastics

    Ok I am a bit of a KTM noob... Purchased a 2012 300xc. Are the plastics from the 4 strokes the same? So if someone had plastic or graphics for sale for the SXF's would they fit my scoot?
  5. mxkid1p

    2012 KTM 300xc stock stacks

    Thanks for the reply. Any chance someone has the 2012 250xc stock stack as well or are they the sa e stacks?
  6. Anyone have the stock stacks for the new 300xc and the 2500xc? I don't know if they are the same or not...
  7. I am new to WP Suspension. I have done my own valving on Jap bikes for a while and now need to start tearing into my new scoot. I was hoping some one could point me in the direction of some manuals or documentation on the WP components my 300xc has? I would like to have a full blown break down of how these come apart, torque specs, ect. Anyone know if anything like this exists?
  8. mxkid1p

    2011 KX450 Mid-Valve

    Question folks... The 2011 KX450 mid valve looks like this: 3 - 20.12 2 - 17.12 2 - 13.12 2 - 11.25 b 13.2 11.2 2 - 12.3 2 - 20.12 Most of the mid-valves I have seen in the past just have the first set of shims. Can someone explain what the 2nd set of shims purpose is?
  9. mxkid1p

    odd problem with my KX450F left fork

    Awesome! Glad you were able to save the fork... Don't see those loosen up very often...
  10. mxkid1p

    2010 Stock Seat too soft

    installed a GUTS tall/medium happy as a peach ever since. my pops uses a GUTS tall/soft and he loves it.
  11. mxkid1p

    odd problem with my KX450F left fork

    Yeah, about that... they aren't pressed together... tighten that thing up and you should be good to go unless the threads are damaged. but I bet you are going to be fine.
  12. mxkid1p

    2007 fork problems, suspension experts please help.

    I just read the date on this thread... forget that I spoke.
  13. mxkid1p

    2010 Kx450f Stock Stack?

    No. Stock they were crazy ridged in the high speed. The low speed wasn't too bad but still not as forgiving as I would like. But the high speed straight up sucked!
  14. mxkid1p

    2010 Kx450f Stock Stack?

    Thank you!
  15. mxkid1p

    want 2 get a kawi so have some questions

    I would suggest a tall seat from Guts for your height. And it will be a tad bit stiff from the factory for your weight... I love mine. I have had 3 of the Green 450s and they have all been wonderful bikes to ride. Some of the best I have ever owned and that is a lot of bikes over the years...