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  1. traxxtmax

    Worst wreck

    Yeah pretty crazy, today a friend of mine got air lifted after wrecking in the desert. Last update I got I heard she broke her ankle and broke a rib.
  2. traxxtmax

    Worst wreck

    What was your worst wreck that you've had? Mine was a 4th gear wide open narrow desert straight away out of a small turn. Ended up sliding the back wheel into a pot size hole after the small turn, which kicked the bike sideways of the trail, throwing me off, while my bike flipping around in the air then smacking the ground on the pipe.
  3. traxxtmax

    Cams getting stuck?!

    Nope Ive restalled them multiple times. I just tried it again a few mins ago. Right when the bolts are even just a little teighened they get stuck. Ive taken they completely out and put them back in over like 10 times now and they still get stuck. The exhaust is in the right spot and the intake is in the right spot, you cant even mix them because they are two different sizes! dummies... The retaining clips are not getting stuck on anything. When you dont teighten the bolts with the caps in place they spin easy. Im also NOT forcing them in.
  4. traxxtmax

    Cams getting stuck?!

    Nope they are still getting stuck. I hate this bike.
  5. How exatly does the tusk fuel mixture screw work like by the numbers? When its tightened all the way it reads 4, I dont know much about carbs. And also how do you know how many turns the air screw is out or in if it just keeps turning in both ways? Thanks
  6. traxxtmax

    Cams getting stuck?!

    87 like the manual I got from online says. Let me check that tommrow, that could be the problem.
  7. traxxtmax

    Cams getting stuck?!

    Yes I did tighten them all in equal stages, thats not the problem. The timing is correct and the motor rotates fine when the cams are out. So whats WRONG!
  8. traxxtmax

    Cams getting stuck?!

    I just got my bottom end rebuilt on my motor and I was putting my top end back on, but both the cams intake and exhaust get stuck and not turn when I tighten the cam caps in order from 1 to 4..... Why is this happening? Before I got the bottom end rebuilt the bike ran.... Bike: 06 Kx250f
  9. This mess... Into this mess... Does this seem about right on parts cost? People on the chat said the labor is low. Well it must be because I had the motor out and the top end already off. Here was the old topic, just more pictures... http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=463646
  10. traxxtmax

    Looking to sell my 07 whats it worth?

    Ill trade you my broken 06 for your nice 07. It will go nicely with your broken ankles.
  11. traxxtmax

    Motor work...

    took it to the shop and jee... $780 is what its going to cost to get it fixed. I should get it back next friday with the bill! Anyone got some spare cash? No really...
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  13. traxxtmax

    06 KXF, what's the good bad and ugly?

    Not to scare you but... I treated my 06 kx250f bike like a baby (I clean the dirt off with a toothbrush for sake!) lol and Ive had notting but problems. I just took my motor in earlier today to get the bottom end split open and the crank and bearings were shot.
  14. traxxtmax

    front flip video (mtn bike)

    Frontflip: 1. 5th pinned off a ramp 2. Put your head over the bars and kiss the front fender 3. Tap and hold the rear brake 4. Hope for the best! Someone do it!
  15. traxxtmax

    Motor work...

    Im not stupid. Dont ass'u'me that. I know how the entire top end works and how to put it together, the bottom end might be a bit more but its not rocket science or anything! Anyway im taking the bottom end haft in today at 3:00, because I hear the bearings are hard to take out and the case is hard to split without the right tools. Shouldnt cost to much, I already did half the work! Will do.