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  1. So I'm coming back from Iraq after being gone from my bike for almost 18 months. I had a friend who was supposed to be starting the bike for me every couple of weeks from his garage. Well, he sold his house early on and the bike ended up at grandma's house. I talked to her recently (grandma) and she's not really good at kick starting. I did have my suspension done by Factory Connection just before I got my orders. I emailed them for advice on the forks/shocks and they have not got back to me. So, my questions are... -What can I expect to replace? -Can someone suggest a good top/bottom end kit? -What does my suspension need (oil change only)? -How do I deal with the premix still in the tank? Thanks, Homeward Bound
  2. timothykemp

    450 for a tall guy

    Fastway Lowboy pegs and Moose Racing bar mounts. These are all you really need to convert for 6ft +. -6'1'' 250...ding!
  3. timothykemp

    Staple gun

    Dude, Lowe's $20 for a manual one with staples. Just get a big enough staple to break through the plastic.
  4. timothykemp

    Who's going back to the 2 stroke?

    I went from a drz 400s to a crf 450x and fell in love with the cr 250. The lighter my bikes get, the more I love them.
  5. timothykemp

    How many bike have you owned?

    drz 400s, crf 450x and now a cr 250.
  6. timothykemp

    2 smokes

    I second the grips, where can I get a pair?
  7. timothykemp

    2008 crf450

    I have a friend who works for Honda in Japan. He told me that there will be NOS on the 08.
  8. timothykemp

    Respring and revalve turnaround time.......

    Factory Connection Respring/Revalve last week in Corona. Dropped them off Wed at 12, picked them up Friday at 2. How is that for a turn around? I thought they just put on a couple of stickers and charged me $700 until I rode my "new" bike.
  9. When I installed a new throttle tube, I did not push it in all the way so I stuck out (unknown to me). Later that day I went off a jump and leaned on the bars, but since they were uneven, tilted in the air. I landed on my side and had to go the the hospital. I got a morphine shot and x rays for my separated shoulder.
  10. I hear from everyone and their brother how difficult 2 smokes are to ride, then I got one. I find it an easier bike at the track. I have ridden mx 450's from friends and find the handling of the bike and the throttle more touchy when going off of jumps. My cr 250 just floats no matter how I rev the throttle approaching a jump. The 450s are much more particular on where you need to be on the throttle when approaching a jump. I also don't find the low end that bad either. Have I gone crazy? I actually like the ride of a 2 stroke better.
  11. I am a frequent visitor to the pacific side, but have never been to San Felipe. I will be coming down with my wife and another couple. We have a bike for each person. My buddy and I will probably do most of the riding, but we want to have some beginner stuff for the girls near the camp site. I am going to throw up a tent and do not have an RV. Given our situation, where would be the best place to set up? North of the city, south of the city? What is the name of that good place? I also wanted to see if the baja 500 route was coming near SF and if there would be any prerunners close. Thanks!
  12. timothykemp

    Coolant change on 2002 CR250?

    Doesn't a smoker run better when it it hot? Does engine ice drop the temperature too much?
  13. timothykemp

    Places to stay somewhat near Mike's

    Richard is great. His wife will make you a mean breakfast in the morning too. Seeing his name on this post made my day. That place seems like a world away. The surf is also good here and Richard will take all the waves. Hey, it's his house though.