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  1. kawanewbie

    KLR650 front rim problem

    Thanks for the info guy's. I will look into a new rim and see what happens. Thanks, Glenn
  2. kawanewbie

    KLR650 front rim problem

    I have a front rim that is bent on one side. Can it be straightened out or do I just order a new outer rim and relace it? It is still rideable, though I am very leary at any speed above 30 mph, I do not feel any abnormal vibration at any speed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Glenn
  3. kawanewbie

    After market KLR650 parts?

    Arrowhead motorsports seems to have a decent selection of Dual Sport parts.
  4. I also bought my 3 year old a XR50 in 2003. I have the training wheels like you described but I don't recall having one of the training wheels up in the air. Can you get longer bolts and add some washers between the training wheels and where they mount? My son went through a set of bearings and one wheel on his before I took the training wheels off. Just a thought.