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  1. I have the service manule so il just cheak. DO you know how to do the valves aswell. FOr the 05 it is (when the bike is cold) Inlet-0.08mm-0.13mm Exuast-0.13mm-0.18mm
  2. I replaced mine 3rd oil chang, but their only about 2 bucks so just get one any way to be on the safe side
  3. There are many more things you can do, take off the seat, reamove the air filter, take out the air box, where the air box ataches to you will see some mesh (like fly wire) take that out. Drill holes all on the air box, (just not at the back!) put it all back. With the pipe when you take that thing out of the back of the muffler (spark arrestor) look in the pipe, you will see a plate with 2 tubes running out of it, then drill holes in that. To get more power get a new air filter (twin air makes one) and get the jetting sorted by geting a new main jet and new poilot jet (speak to people about this). This is all you can do cheaply and wil cost you about $25 and if i were you i wouldent go speanding 100's of dollars on the engine and suspention, just buy a 85 motocross bike that is built for that ok. Happy modding!
  4. Howdy, I am wondering if you could give me the exact location of the fuel screw on the carb of a drz 125 (Mikuni vm20ss), tell me how much to turn it in and give me an idea of what main needle I should use and what pilot needle I should use. The mods I have done so far are opening up the air-box completly (removing screen, cutting out part of top, and drilling many holes in it) and taking the spark arrestor out. I live in australia about 40km from the sea in a place called warrandyte, it is a little bit hilly but not mountains or anything. Any help would be apreciated from a guy called Will
  5. what about on the mino versoin of the bike. Like not the large wheel versoin. Also you could go with a kx60/65 or a 65sx (ktm) or a rm 65 i think they are smaler though
  6. lol you cant mono for shit man do a rear guard scaping, vertical mono on the clutch
  7. damb bloddy right. Unless you have 10000 bucks u cant get a good blody 4 stroke even then they still suck. Mind you i still like my lil drz just cuase im used to it. But that is soon going and a yz125 is coming. I swear by 2 strokes and they should never ban them cause as they say **** THE WALES SAVE THE 2 STROKES and also FERTILISE THE BUSH....BULDOZE GREENIES. By the way has nee one got a buldozer i have some greenies and a state park next store.
  8. had the exaxt same problem just it did it to me in second gear. For some reason when i went to reserve it worked better. The problem just went away. Mind you i did have 2 stroke in it so that was problly half the problem
  9. you can just tell by the sound what the idle speed should be. Or at least i can
  10. jr 80s ar 2 strokes. If i were u i would stop that or prepar to spend alot of money. I think they have auto oil injection so u dont need to put pre mix in it. there must be another mino tank or smithing