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  1. mashy

    525 EXC Factory Replica

    Yeah, I was a little pissed but I try not to think about it:banghead: By the way, compared to us aussies you guys get your KTM's prety cheap. We pay just under AUD$13000 plus on road costs for a standard bike. Although all the KTM's are road legal.
  2. mashy

    525 EXC Factory Replica

    I saw one at my local dealer, I live in Australia obviously, and they are actually a special that KTM did to get red of the last of the 07's before the 08's came out. They where originally about $2500 dearer which is why I bought a standard 07 but they are now going for the same price that I bought mine for. By the way, they do look pretty nice and the red backgrounds actually look OK when you are standing there looking at the bike.
  3. I am looking to buy a new bike, well new to me, and I have come across an 05 model 450EXC that is near new. I was looking for an 06 or 07 by the way. What are the major issues that the 05 had and what are the benefits of an 06 or 07 model. I was under the impression that the engine and gearox are identical and that the suspension was different. I assume the 05 may not handle as well and may need more suspension work, is this right. Cheers Ash
  4. mashy

    Pronounciation of these MX brands

    gaerne - gay-ernie
  5. mashy

    72 Miles on IMS 3.2 CRF450X

    Could the high fuel use be caused by the terrain you are riding compared to others. For example, you will use more fuel in sandy conditions.