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  1. Yeah, I was a little pissed but I try not to think about it:banghead: By the way, compared to us aussies you guys get your KTM's prety cheap. We pay just under AUD$13000 plus on road costs for a standard bike. Although all the KTM's are road legal.
  2. I saw one at my local dealer, I live in Australia obviously, and they are actually a special that KTM did to get red of the last of the 07's before the 08's came out. They where originally about $2500 dearer which is why I bought a standard 07 but they are now going for the same price that I bought mine for. By the way, they do look pretty nice and the red backgrounds actually look OK when you are standing there looking at the bike.
  3. I am looking to buy a new bike, well new to me, and I have come across an 05 model 450EXC that is near new. I was looking for an 06 or 07 by the way. What are the major issues that the 05 had and what are the benefits of an 06 or 07 model. I was under the impression that the engine and gearox are identical and that the suspension was different. I assume the 05 may not handle as well and may need more suspension work, is this right. Cheers Ash
  4. gaerne - gay-ernie
  5. Could the high fuel use be caused by the terrain you are riding compared to others. For example, you will use more fuel in sandy conditions.