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  1. iron range rob

    DR650 instead of Honda CRF230L?

    Thanks for all the great replies - I do appreciate it. I'll let you know if I am able to find one... As for the headshake on my 230L, I believe it is mostly due to the light bike getting caught in air currents from other vehicles. I only ride on the freeway for a short distance on days that I commute to work, otherwise I keep it on lower speed city streets.
  2. iron range rob

    DR650 instead of Honda CRF230L?

    I currently own a Honda CRF 230L (bought it new last May, and put 2100 miles on it before winter). Overall I really do enjoy my Honda. However, it has a couple of shortcomings that were not apparent to me when I purchased it. I mostly ride on the street, so street manners are what count the most. Here are the my issues with the Honda: 1) The Honda has some pretty nasty headshake/wobble at speeds over 65mph. I have grown accustomed to it, but still don't like it. 2) Max speed is approx 75mph (on level ground and no wind) so it is revving really high at 60+mph. 3) When riding in traffic, it would be nice to be able to have a little more power available when needed. So, I am looking to trade in my Honda for something a little heavier with more horsepower. Can you guys give me your opinions about the DR650 as a daily commuter? My commute consists of 20 miles of mixed highway/city streets, with speeds of 40mph-70mph. I really like Honda cycles, but the 650L is way too tall for my taste. I would rather buy something I can ride immediately rather than spend more $$$ for the bike up front and then spend more $$$ to get it lowered. Thank you in advance for your help! Rob
  3. iron range rob

    Any 230L Owners Having This Problem?

    On my bike, I have been using full choke with a slightly open throttle for every cold start, no matter what the temp. I have never had any starting issues on my bike using this method. I do realize that this contradicts what the manual says, but it has worked well for me. I only have to hold down the "go" button for about 1 second before the bike fires up.
  4. iron range rob

    Honda CRF230L or Yamaha ttr-230a?

    I bought my 230L in May, and have put over 2,000 miles on it this summer. I highly recommend this bike to anyone who is looking for a good dual purpose bike. It does well in the dirt, and handles well in town.....
  5. iron range rob

    why did this guy give me 20w-50 oil?

    If I remember correctly (don't have the manual in front of me at the moment), 10w30 and 10w40 Honda oils are recommended for the 230. If our bikes were liquid cooled, I would be more inclined to agree that it is OK to use a different weight oil than is recommended. Since the 230 is an air/oil cooled engine, I don't think it is wise to use something other than what Honda recommends. There HAS to be a good reason that they recommend those weights. As for using different brands of oil instead of the Honda oil, I am using the Honda oil at least until the warranty period is over. It is my opinion that Honda oil is no better or no worse than any other oil no matter what claims they make. Maybe there are some secret additives in there that are better for the engine and clutch.... The Honda oil is not horribly expensive, so I will probably keep buying it. Hey Exploring WA - please keep us posted on what your findings are.
  6. The first bike I owned was a street bike - an '80 Kawasaki CSR650. My second bike was a 2005 CRF150, which I recently traded in on my current ride which is a 2008 CRF230L.
  7. iron range rob

    Need Some Help From The 08 Crf230l Owners

    I've had my 230L for a couple of months now, and have put 1,100 miles on it so far. I mostly use it to commute to work, but have also had it on the trail once. In my opinion, the L can cruise all day at 50-55 with no trouble at all. Once you get it above 60mph, it feels like you are sitting above a hive full of angry bees... Top (indicated) speed with me on the bike is around 72mph. I am not a very heavy dude (135lb) so top speed for you will likely be a little less. The bike is very light, so I have found that traveling behind SUV's at speeds above 55mph makes the front end wobble due to the wind currents. Just something you want to be aware of before you go on that first ride down the highway. As Bobby pointed out, this thing gets 80+ mpg, so you just can't go wrong. There are some scooters out there that get worse gas mileage than this bike! As for the price, you should not pay more than $4500 for it OTD. The prices that you were quoted are higher than they should be.
  8. iron range rob

    CRF 230L vs. plated CRF 230F?

    Let's just say that I like to get to my destination quickly....
  9. iron range rob

    CRF 230L vs. plated CRF 230F?

    The "L" does indeed have rear pegs. I have just over 500 miles on my "L" so far, with the majority of them being on paved roads. I did ride 40 miles of mixed sand/gravel/mud trails over the weekend though. My opinion of the "L" is that it has plenty of power for the trails, but could use some suspension improvements. I did not bottom out, but came pretty close a couple of times. For those of you wondering about the gas mileage - yes it really does get over 80+mpg (I have actually been getting 88mpg).
  10. iron range rob

    14 tooth counter 230 l & mpg

    I have not yet gone to a 14T sprocket, but plan to as soon as time allows. I also plan to get the larger jets and cut some material from the tube going into the airbox. Fo now, my 230L is bone stock, with almost 500 miles on it. So far, my gas mileage has been hovering in the mid 80's (85-88mpg). It's not like I have been riding nice either, so the Honda engineers have really worked their magic on the "L".
  11. iron range rob

    Crf150 Mods

    What he said! There is a lot of power bottled up in these bikes.
  12. iron range rob

    Spark plugs.....

    I think there is a difference between spark plugs. I believe that some plugs produce a different (larger) spark than other plugs. One could debate all day whether or not a larger or different pattern of spark produces more power or more efficient ignition..... However, think about it this way - would you rather be zapped by something producing a small spark, or a big bright spark? I have used NGK and Champion plugs for all of my "toys" over the years. I prefer the NGK plugs, but will use champion if I can't find NGK. Both brands have been around for a LONG time, and produce very good plugs. Now on to the other issue - modding a CRF230. There are plenty of very cheap mods that can be done to increase the power and handling characteristics. Will it hang with the liquid cooled 2-smokes on the track? Nope. That is not what it was designed to do. Will it take you down nasty trails all day and get you back to your truck? You bet it will. SO, for those people that don't have a lot of extra $$$$ to spend, I think that the CRF230 is a great bike.
  13. iron range rob

    Crf150 correct jetting

    Yes, those should be the correct jet sizes for you. I just put 'em in my bike.
  14. iron range rob

    '05 150 Carb problems

    Have you checked to see if the carb is sealing properly at the rubber intake? Maybe the inlet needle is plugged or the float is stuck/bent closed? I just did the "power up" on my 150. I used the 110 main jet and 42 pilot jet, but left the needle and clip alone for now. I am going to monitor the plug, and see if further adjustments are necessary. I took it out for a ride last night, and man what a difference! Many thanks to all who posted their "power up" information.
  15. iron range rob

    PW50 - What spark plug???

    I just bought a used 1997 PW50 for my son, and of course it did not come with an owners manual or service manual. What spark plug and gap does Yamaha recommend for this bike? Thanks in advance for your help! Rob