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    Only did a quick test-ride, will update later.
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    Only did a quick test-ride, will update later.
  2. You should also consider a helmet with the MIPS system, of the 3, it is the only one designed with the input of a neurosurgeon. They are carried by One Industries and Fox. Regardless of which one you choose, I feel that these are the only 3 helmets that should be bought/worn by dirt bikers. The old hard shell with a plain foam liner helmets do nothing to address the problem of concussions that are so common in our sport.
  3. Not much racing goes on when you're half a lap down in a 4-lap race. You must be bored?
  4. I did. By the time I got up, was in last place.
  5. 90% of statistics are made up.
  6. Are you not running an air filter? I have had 6 KX250F's (2004 (2), 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011) that were raced on a regular basis. All of these were run for 90 hours without a single valve adjustment. Here's what I do/don't do. Always be VERY careful in regard to dirt. Never let dirt into intake tract when changing filters. Never leave gas cap open at dusty track. Don't use a gas can with no cap. Never work on bike dirty. Maintain bike at home, when clean, in clean shop, not at the track. Be meticulous. Never start bike cold and immediately rev it up. 80% of engine damage occurs during cold start-up/revving. Don't "test rev-limiter" while at starting line because the idiot next to you is doing it. Don't ride on rev-limiter during race, in an attempt to sound like Barcia. There is no traction in the air. The bike makes peak power well-below redline anyway. It's not a 2-stroke, don't ride it like one. Change oil every 7 hours, filter every 14. More is not better, just wasteful. Some of these may seem obvious but are based on what I see at the track every weekend. I have been racing since 1975 and this works for me. Contrary to popular opinion, I believe a properly cared for 4 stroke is less expensive to run than a 2-stroke.
    This clutch is a must for modified bikes in order to handle the increased power. Hinson is the best there is.
    Power improvement and much lighter than stock. What's not to love?
    Reflash of the ECU to optimize my mods. No one does this better!
    Great increase in power; simple installation.
    The best bang for your buck to make a 250F faster.