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  1. Bristolthumper

    Thumpstar 125-e

    thumpstars made in the us. check the webiste.
  2. Bristolthumper

    My bike after a days ride.

  3. Bristolthumper

    My bike after a days ride.

    My other pitbike superminimoto after an evenings ride
  4. Bristolthumper

    My bike after a days ride.

    whys that then?
  5. Bristolthumper

    Sikk vs. Pitster

    the pister looks real nice but what about the figures, it says on the website its 8bhp and does 45mph. i have a 'junkstar' road legal straight out the box it does 60mph and is 8.sumthing bhp, are the figures for the pister with a restrictor in the exhaust or what? They look so good Displacement - 124cc Type - 4 Stroke Single Cylinder Cooling - Air-Cooled Transmission - Manual 4 Speed w/ 5 Plate Clutch Shifter - CNC Alloy Drive Train - Chain w/ Oversized Alloy Chain Guide Ignition - Kick Start/CDI Carburetor -25 mm Mikuni Compression Ratio - 9.6:1 Bore & Stroke - 52.4mm x 57mm Valve Train - SOHC: Two Valve Final Drive - #420 16T Front / 41 T Maximum Speed - 45 MPH (106 KM/H) Maximum Power - 8 HP @ 8500 RPM Fuel - Unleaded Fuel Capacity - 0.8 Gallons (3L) Oil Tank Capacity - 0.25 Gallons (0.95L) Protection - Aluminum Skid Plate Oil Cooler - CNC Oil Cooler
  6. Bristolthumper

    Hop Up Kits

    mm wont let me move around that site weird. anymore? thanks
  7. Bristolthumper

    My bike after a days ride.

    yeh the pipes nice powks out abit tho, burnt my leg on the right handers a few times, worrying thing about the pipe is underneith the can its imprinted X-sport, if its for an xport will it in any way underpower my bike? its a 110cc thumpstar.
  8. Bristolthumper

    My bike after a days ride.

    i dont know but they arnt very good atall.
  9. Bristolthumper

    Hop Up Kits

    anyone know any sites?
  10. Bristolthumper

    My bike after a days ride.

    came home a rear brake down, clutch leaver down and breather heres a few pics.
  11. Bristolthumper

    Trail riding

    and no 5.0 pull you when your walkin your bike home? i douht i could make it to my local mxshop without getting pulled up. where in the uk are you from?
  12. Bristolthumper

    Sikk vs. Pitster

    what if i want a pister in the uk? i dont think ive ever seen them advertised over here.
  13. Bristolthumper

    new pep boys pit bike or used dirt bike

    he started this thread asking for a bit of advice not an arguement, grow up.
  14. Bristolthumper

    intake boring???

    use your whitt and driving ability to win.
  15. Bristolthumper

    How Many Brands are there???

    www.sudabikes.com www.pitbiker.co.uk www.futureracingmotocross.co.uk