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  1. came home a rear brake down, clutch leaver down and breather heres a few pics.
  2. thumpstars made in the us. check the webiste.
  3. My other pitbike superminimoto after an evenings ride
  4. whys that then?
  5. the pister looks real nice but what about the figures, it says on the website its 8bhp and does 45mph. i have a 'junkstar' road legal straight out the box it does 60mph and is 8.sumthing bhp, are the figures for the pister with a restrictor in the exhaust or what? They look so good Displacement - 124cc Type - 4 Stroke Single Cylinder Cooling - Air-Cooled Transmission - Manual 4 Speed w/ 5 Plate Clutch Shifter - CNC Alloy Drive Train - Chain w/ Oversized Alloy Chain Guide Ignition - Kick Start/CDI Carburetor -25 mm Mikuni Compression Ratio - 9.6:1 Bore & Stroke - 52.4mm x 57mm Valve Train - SOHC: Two Valve Final Drive - #420 16T Front / 41 T Maximum Speed - 45 MPH (106 KM/H) Maximum Power - 8 HP @ 8500 RPM Fuel - Unleaded Fuel Capacity - 0.8 Gallons (3L) Oil Tank Capacity - 0.25 Gallons (0.95L) Protection - Aluminum Skid Plate Oil Cooler - CNC Oil Cooler
  6. mm wont let me move around that site weird. anymore? thanks
  7. yeh the pipes nice powks out abit tho, burnt my leg on the right handers a few times, worrying thing about the pipe is underneith the can its imprinted X-sport, if its for an xport will it in any way underpower my bike? its a 110cc thumpstar.
  8. i dont know but they arnt very good atall.
  9. anyone know any sites?
  10. and no 5.0 pull you when your walkin your bike home? i douht i could make it to my local mxshop without getting pulled up. where in the uk are you from?
  11. what if i want a pister in the uk? i dont think ive ever seen them advertised over here.
  12. he started this thread asking for a bit of advice not an arguement, grow up.
  13. use your whitt and driving ability to win.
  15. check the thumpstar website its all american mate. altho you lot are money fiending c u n ts.
  16. yeh thats what i heard, but without a douht both of mine are lil animals, my 110 offroad gets a hammering and its still spot on. supermoto is fine 2. **** forking out on a cr when u can pick a 'junkstar' up for half the price.
  17. 125cc
  18. HaHa
  19. i get chased on the regular its not a boast it ticks me off. The police here in Bristol (England) have yamaha 450's i think theres about 10 of them all together. They check every park and wasteground in my area. Forceing us to ferry our bikes further afield, for me thats normally to avonmouth (industrial area near bristol). But now thats the only place left to ride thats free or anywhere near me and recently because its secluded ive seen gypsies up there robbing bikes from underneith people litterly! (tried chaseing me but i smoked them on my thumpstar supermoto, lucky i didnt get my other bike out my friends van) i worked down there the week after and could see the whole area from a roof and now theres regular checks by the 450's. The thing is avonmouth is an industrial area kno1 lives there every biulding is about 74 metres high and stacked full with crates of beer or something. Only vehicles you see is lorrys. So in other words gypsies have ****ed the last decent area left to ride. So what do i do now result back to gettin chased around inner cirty Bristol by the feds on their fourfiffs coz i get enough of that with my roadlegal pitbike
  20. looks nimble
  21. ive seen adverts for those in american mags, they dont look too bad
  22. standard bikes wont last whatever make dodgy or not, everything needs maintaining air con units, your daily driver and even a pitbike.
  23. any pics?
  24. ive got a thumpstar roadlegal and to be honest its an alright buy for about 900pound i got mine brand spankers and payed 300for insurance and i have three points on my liecence so its not 2 bad a deal really, few things have gone on the bike but only simple things i spose the mechanic overlooked. Except second gear going or that might have just been my powershifts , thumpstar sent me a new motor anyway. its going fine now and i havnt worn it in or changed a thing except the back box, hits 60mph pretty easy. awaitin new carb and filter