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  1. humanrace911

    650R valve help!

    "If you cause damage here it must be your first time doing it. Hence amateur." That's just it, this is banditos first time, he is an amateur and he should be taught to do it the right way.
  2. humanrace911

    650R valve help!

    Eric, I don't need new main bearings. It's easy until the rotation starts compressing the valve springs. That's normal. My XR100 does have a BBR full head kit so 2 valve springs per valve. A couple of things I left out of my resume above. I was also the team mechanic for Team Tejas and Team Your In On It. Both were WERA national endurance roadracing teams. In 3 years of racing, we had no mechanical failures except a flat tire. We finished 2nd nationally in 1985. I also worked on the GSXR600 ridden by Jeff Covington in sprint races. He was a team Suzuki support rider. I haven't heard anything about your mechanical and MC experience, other than sticking screwdrivers in spark plug holes. Please elaborate.
  3. humanrace911

    650R valve help!

    timbanditos, look at the thickness of the feeler gauge. That is how much play you should have when you wiggle the rocker. You should not have to adjust the screw more than 1/4 turn.
  4. humanrace911

    650R valve help!

    How amateur am I? This is my 55th year of riding. 37 of those were roadracing, everything from singles to GSXRs. 2 years of motocross until the Marine Corps told me I had to stop. I currently own, ride and maintain 2 XR100s, Aprila Mile R, Honda Superhawk, Burgman 650, SV650, DRZ400SM, DRZ400S (for Sale) and an FZ10. I've owned well over 50 motorcycles, including a Zundapp 250, Cushman Eagle, Maico 250, Allstate 125 and a Montgomery Wards Riverside. I've always done my own maintenance. I was lead technician in a motorcycle shop for 7 years with 4 mechanics working for me. I don't have a big single to test without pulling a lot of body work, but I just checked an XR100 and with the spark plug out, it took 8 pounds/feet to turn the crank 2 full rotations. I can turn it by using the flywheel, but I can't control the rotation through 2 full rotations. If I had seen one of my technicians using your method, he would have been fired immediately.
  5. humanrace911

    650R valve help!

    While notoriousE-R-I-C HAS super strong hands, most of us do not. The cams and the cam chain can put extreme amounts of pressure on the crank and therefore the piston, especially on a big single. Do NOT use a screwdriver or a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat to find TDC. The F you see is the point that the spark plug fires. The T is TDC. You can be on TDC on the compression stroke or on the exhaust stroke. With the valve cover off, put the T mark in the window. If it is correct, both cam lobes will be pointed slightly away from the piston crown and at about a 120 degree angle from each other. If not correct, at least one of the valves will be compressed. You can watch the valve actuation as you turn the cylinder. If one or both are still moving when you get to T, then you need to go around a full revolution to get to the correct TDC for checking the valves. Pay attention to firsthere's advice.
  6. humanrace911

    Broken carb float post fix

    I've done Willie's fix. I also added JB weld. Had no problems. Use 0.023" safety wire so you can drill the holes as small as possible. A #72 drill should be about right (0.025"). If you can't find one, I can send you one. 979436-sevensevennineseven. You should probably notch the top of the broken off piece so that the wire will not slip off. Use the corner of a file.
  7. humanrace911

    new '19 FE 501 and new TT member

    Let me get this straight. You live in Utah. In certain parts of Utah you could visit Grand Canyon NP, Canyon de Chelly NM, Canyons of the ancients NM, Cedar breaks NM, Colorado NM, Escalante NP, Canyon of the Ancients, Hovenweep, Natural Bridges, Navaho NM, Pipe Springs NM, Vermillion Cliffs, Zion NP, Bryce NP, Bear Ears, Mesa Verde NP, Arches NP, Canyonlands NP, Capitol Reef NP and others that I can't think of at the moment. All available by traveling in a loop that is shorter than the distance from Houston to the edge of Utah and back. I haven't mentioned Moab, the Devils Backbone, Burr Trail and a thousand other offroad opportunities through fabulous scenery. And, you want to move back to Texas because we have: A. Two national parks, B. The worlds tallest freeway overpasses, C. Endless miles of straight roads, D. One hour commutes to work that is only 12 miles away? Nice bike. I did consider one, but I ride 2 up with my wife and a DRZ400 fits better.
  8. humanrace911

    2019 Gas gas (torrot) txe

    Very good explanation. I like. I never thought about the inertia adding to the initial power.
  9. humanrace911

    2019 Gas gas (torrot) txe

    I've ridden an Alta dirt bike and a Zero street bike. No clutch or transmission needed on either. The Alta would wheelie and/or spin the tire from a stop. I rode the Zero at a roadrace track. It had impressive take off and top speed.
  10. humanrace911

    Do my valves need Pads?

    You say 0.127 had resistance. That's too tight. The spec is 0.130 to 0.20 and 0.127 doesn't fall in that range. You may get away with it since it's the intake valve and stays cooler than the exhaust valve, but I would go one shim size thinner.
  11. humanrace911

    It's all most time

    I know the feeling. I'm 70 and quit roadracing November 9th of last year. I taught at Lone Star Track Days (LSTD) until they shut down 2 years ago. I miss both, but I felt like I was a menace to the other racers, especially the novices that I lapped in endurance races. My reflexes didn't allow me to remain competitive and be safe. It was a fun 37 years, but it was time.
  12. My advice when I loan out my DRZ is shift at 20, 30, 40 and 50 when just riding around. Increase these points when really accelerating. 5th gear at 35 MPH is insane.
  13. humanrace911

    Adjusting Fuel Screw for Modded DRZ

    Unless something else is wrong, such as a big air leak or no air filter, your bike is probably running rich everywhere. While back firing is usually caused by misfire due to a lean condition with the unignited gas accumulating in the exhaust, I think in this case it is caused by a very rich condition. Stock pilot is 22.5. You have a 48 which flows more than four times as much fuel. Remember, if you double the hole diameter, the flow rate is 4 times as much. I've put jet kits in 3 DRZs and all of them used the stock pilot with the screw about 2 1/2 turns out. Also, a slip on shouldn't change the main jet a lot. You changed from a 142.5 to a 165. That's 9 sizes. Your new main flows nearly 30% more than stock.
  14. If it is the shift shaft seal that is leaking, repair it like adnohguy said. Several others thought it was the output shaft seal behind the sprocket. Before installing the new seal, clean the outer portion of the seal hole with a good solvent. I sometimes add a couple of dabs of Yamabond 4 to the edge of the seal AFTER it is installed, just to ensure it does not come out.
  15. humanrace911

    Used Drz400SM - Need help

    I bought a 2006 SM today. Pipe, jetted, hand guards, 3.9 gal. tank, tail rack, new tires, belly pan and a few more mods. All stock items included. Less than 10K miles. $3000. I'd pass on this one. I have a 2009 S model with a little less than 10K miles that I need to sell now that I have my SM. $3000.