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  1. humanrace911

    Adjusting Fuel Screw for Modded DRZ

    Unless something else is wrong, such as a big air leak or no air filter, your bike is probably running rich everywhere. While back firing is usually caused by misfire due to a lean condition with the unignited gas accumulating in the exhaust, I think in this case it is caused by a very rich condition. Stock pilot is 22.5. You have a 48 which flows more than four times as much fuel. Remember, if you double the hole diameter, the flow rate is 4 times as much. I've put jet kits in 3 DRZs and all of them used the stock pilot with the screw about 2 1/2 turns out. Also, a slip on shouldn't change the main jet a lot. You changed from a 142.5 to a 165. That's 9 sizes. Your new main flows nearly 30% more than stock.
  2. If it is the shift shaft seal that is leaking, repair it like adnohguy said. Several others thought it was the output shaft seal behind the sprocket. Before installing the new seal, clean the outer portion of the seal hole with a good solvent. I sometimes add a couple of dabs of Yamabond 4 to the edge of the seal AFTER it is installed, just to ensure it does not come out.
  3. humanrace911

    Used Drz400SM - Need help

    I bought a 2006 SM today. Pipe, jetted, hand guards, 3.9 gal. tank, tail rack, new tires, belly pan and a few more mods. All stock items included. Less than 10K miles. $3000. I'd pass on this one. I have a 2009 S model with a little less than 10K miles that I need to sell now that I have my SM. $3000.
  4. humanrace911

    Tire Change DIY or Not?

    I second this. I quit roadracing last year after 35 years. I mounted and balanced all my tires manually. We have three tire trucks that come to our local tracks. All three manually balance. If I can manually balance a tire to go 160 MPH down gravity cavity at Road Atlanta (old track), then you can do a street bike tire.
  5. humanrace911

    Leak down test results

    I had this same problem. A compression testing hose was shipped in the leakdown tester package instead of an open hose. I took out the shrader valve and everything worked perfect. Another possibility is an inaccurate gauge. I've worked on lots of race engines while racing 35 years and I've never seen one with 0% leakage.
  6. humanrace911

    2013 crf 100 isnt getting spark

    When the chain came off, it pushed the pickup coil into the little raised boss on the rotor. That boss is what triggers the pickup coil to make the spark fire. It should be separated from the pickup coil, but yours was not after it jumped off the locating pin. You can see that the pickup coil is busted. Look at the copper windings between the rotor and the pickup. Copper is supposed to be inside the pickup.
  7. humanrace911

    Rear sprocket problem?

    Turn the sprocket over.
  8. humanrace911

    Questions about my Larger Tank?

    The stock petcock will still work as long as the gas level is above the carb float bowl.
  9. humanrace911

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    One from last July, close to Hurricane pass.
  10. humanrace911

    Day after Turkey Day ride (Apache Trail route)

    Nice pics. We're headed to northern Arizona/southern Utah next year and your report makes me want to re-route. What tires are you running.
  11. humanrace911

    one spark then nothing

    Thanks, I knew I could count on this forum. I've been a lurcher for about a year so I know that knowledge abounds here.
  12. humanrace911

    one spark then nothing

    DRZ-400 off road only model won't start-Newly purchased with full knowledge that the bike will not run. Bike now belongs to a friend. I have an SM. Steps we have done: 1. Pulled the plug to check for fire-none 2. Change ignition module with my known good one because it was an easy swap A. Fires 1 time and then stops firing B. Does this every time you press the starter button 3. Changed the Stator/pick-up coil assy wires and all-still 1 spark then nothing 4. Changed the coil and spark plug lead-still 1 spark then nothing 5. All my parts back on my bike and it runs like normal 6. Tried push starting to eliminate switches-fires once then nothing I have an SM wiring diagram. Is there something different on the other models? What have I missed?