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    Knobby Questions

    First of all if this is in the wrong area, I'm sorry. I've got an '84 Suzuki DR125 Road/Trail bike that seriously needs to be upgraded to something better. I'm running really chunky DOT approved knobbies, and use the bike mostly commuting around on the streets. I was wondering, apart from the obvious handling characteristics of running knobbies on the road ($hithou$e), does running knobbies on the road increase rolling resistance reducing top speed in any way? Against wind, sometimes it's hard to get it over 44mph (70kph). I understand being a 125 four stroke it's not expected to go fast at all. However I can't helpt but wonder that these knobbies are holding back about 7-15 mph. At about 50mph (80kph) the shaking is just ridiculous, but it also revs high as the gearing is ridiculous for the road, I usually go through all 5 gears before I hit 38 mph (60kph) I'll most likely wanna get a 2000 XR250 for 50/50 road/dirt riding soon. Possibly slightly more for the road. But I'll be stuck with this for another couple of months. So whats the verdict? Knobbies slow you down? And by how much if true?
  2. oldskool84

    Bike wont run with choke off

    can anyone confirm my suspicion, that there may not be enough petrol through the pilot meaning I can't take the choke off?
  3. First of all, I'd just like to confirm which position the choke is off and on. The two types of choke levers I've seen are one the type where down means the little shaft inside the goes down, and others where the lever is on a pivoting point meaning down means pulling the shaft up. Basically the little hole thats exposed when raising the thingie, is that supposed to open when the bike is cold? or is it supposed to be closed? If it's how I think it is and the hole should be open on cold starts, the bike will not run if I pull the choke ALL the way off. Does this mean I need more petrol coming through cause i'm lean?. This is an '84 DR125 with a 20mm Mikuni, Pilot jet size 20 and main jet size 87.5, completely stock jetting. I've tried playing with the mixture screw but doesn't do anything. Maurice
  4. ahahhhhah, I know huh? batteries are only like 15 or 20 bucks. Tell the guy you'll spend $90 on a battery when you wanna crank over a truck.
  5. oldskool84

    Idle Hanging the opposite way

    Sweet, maybe not at 2am, but soon. Revving motorbikes at 2am is frowned upon for some reason. We'll see how it goes tommorow.
  6. oldskool84

    High end Bog!

    Yeah too rich, thats what happened to me when I went a bit to big a main jet. Weird how it only bogs down at a certain RPM, I thought the mixture was constant throughout the RPM and only depended on the throttle opening as opposed to the RPM.
  7. G'day, I'm a long time reader, first time poster. I've read a bit about hanging idle when the throttle is release and the bike seems to idle high, before going back to normal eventually. With my bike, it happens the opposite way. When I'm cruising, and pull the clutch in to cruise to a stop, the bike will idle very very very low and most times will stall, I have to rev it up to keep it from stalling. After about 5 to 10 seconds of working the throttle, I can let it go and it will idle okay. I can temporarily fix the problem by putting the idle up so that it won't stall, however when it idles normally it'd idle WAY TO HIGH. On idle my sparg plug seems to always read black. What do you guys reckon? Oh by the way, it's an '84 DR125 with a 25 mm Mikuni, I think.