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  1. Michael

    Deep fried turkey

    Hey Jim - Howdy Neighbor! I'm up on the west ridge just south of Bollinger. Sounds like we should get together and do some serious bench racing.....maybe we could even go riding (yeah Unkle Moose - I do still ride on occasion). Planning on a trip to Hollister this Saturday.
  2. Michael

    Deep fried turkey

    Fried turkey is the best! I order in all of my injection mixes....so I don't have recipes. Cajun spices and butter - one of my favorites. Hope yours was good. We did beef tenderloins and prime rib this year - very tasty!
  3. Michael

    James Dean's Jetting Guide 2002

    Send Jim the money, and he will e-mail the spreadsheet. Took about 15 minutes this weekend (but I was just lucky, I think). You'll like it I think! I agree with you Teamscream with all the good advice Jim has provided, the spreasheet was just a bonus. Enjoy!
  4. Michael

    Looking for an aftermarket triple clamp

    I added the upper from Scotts when I put the damper on. Very nice machine work. I recommend them.
  5. Michael

    James Dean's Jetting Guide 2002

    Okay, am I the first to get one? Very nicely done Jim! If you want to get the facts about your jetting options, that includes comparsion charts for the specific combinations you are considering, then this is a great tool for you. For all the information you've posted in the past, and this new tool - Thanks Jim!
  6. Me too Kevin! Keep the change....and thanks for all your efforts. Hope you have enough left over for a nice dinner.
  7. Michael

    Who's got the fastest internet speed???

    I was rockin.....then I hit this rutted section and went over the keyboard. I wasn't hurt too bad, just bruised a little. Got some plastic to replace on the monitor. This speed contest stuff is not for beginners! I'm at 1.5 Mbps - AT&T limits the download speed now.....sucks!
  8. Okay, she's taken and no sister's...... Is she available to train my wife?
  9. Michael

    Hydraulic clutch conversion?

    Who needs to Christmas shop! Let's put it together.
  10. Michael

    Hydraulic clutch conversion?

    What is this - a Hebo lovefest? Yeah, I've got one (Hebo) too - of course it makes the clutch a one finger pull (buttery describes it well) - sure mine only cost half of what a Magura cost at the time - certainly it was easy to install - Yes I love mine. I just really miss the arm pump on a really tight ugly section..... Try it, you'll love it. The stock pull wasn't all that bad - these just make it very very good. What can I say?
  11. I have only one question: Does she have a sister? LOL!!!
  12. Michael

    Tragic News At SpeedWorld........

    I couldn't add anything of value to what has already been said - so let me just share my prayer: That God grant Gary peace, and the knowledge that this was not his fault. God, please bless Mark's family and friends with comfort and understanding - and make it clear to them that Mark is in a better place Godspeed Mark - the best is yet to come....... I'm truely sad for a friend I've never had the chance to meet, sad for his family and friends, sad for all of us cause we've lost one of our own.......
  13. PayPal is very cool Kevin. You now have money for the two that I want! If they take out too much out in commission....let me know and I'll send you some more $$$$
  14. Michael

    Cable Modem Users Dissappear!!!!!!!!

    AT&T says we won't be down for more than a few hours.......and they have a bridge to sell. DSL here I come.
  15. Michael

    Jetting Qs

    Taffy.....so how could you even THINK about switching after all this work?? I do understand what you said about the rolling chassis. If that isn't right for you.....it is the toughest thing of all to correct - but a Husaberg?? Lord help (but let us know how it comes out!).