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  1. mxguitargod7

    My new ride

    Nice truck! I usually don't like two tones, but that looks like a really good clean job. Planning on taking the cap off?
  2. mxguitargod7

    Few Updates on the truck

    Sweet Cummins. Not a huge fan of the stack, but I don't hate it either. Is it chipped/are you planning on chipping it?
  3. mxguitargod7

    3m clear bra

    As far as my dad and I know (we sell some 3M competition products and we're tied to the car business) it's usually put on by professionals. By all means, give it a shot though if your up to it. Let us know how it goes!
  4. Glasspacks are raspy, cackle, and are loud when you get on it. Sounds a lot like having no muffler IMO.
  5. I don't even lock my Jeep most of the time. It's never locked at home (most people don't bother trotting down a 900' driveway to steal a stereo anyways) and I usually just take the valuables with me. I don't want my soft top cut up!
  6. mxguitargod7

    Is it time for a change of pace?

    Thanks for all the advice guys. I'm thinking I might just ride our normal spot til I actually get a citation myself, then I'll re-assess the situation. Thanks guys.
  7. So here's the deal. This will be my 3rd season on a CRF250R. Moved up from a CRF100. I've loved riding dirtbikes since I first got into it. Lately however, things are kind of changing. I've taken my bike out no more than 7 times this year so far. A classmate of mine died out in the pit that we always ride in, so police have been constantly patrolling it. The pit owners/employees have told us we can ride as long as we don't screw with the equipment, but the police don't take that as an excuse and have been giving out warnings. One friend just sold his CR250 for a Harley bobber, one is trading his KTM for a lifted Cherokee, one sold his for a newer car, one is selling both of his bikes before he moves off to college, and one never has time to ride. An old friend just got an RM125, but this still leaves us no real place to ride. And unfortunately, around here, the people that ride at the tracks are usually d-bags, which makes it no fun for me. I rode my CRF with this kid a few days ago, and I just pick the bike apart mentally. "It's bogging, why is there a flat spot here, the front ends washy..." and the list goes on. I hopped on his RM and just had a blast. I had to work to ride it, and was having fun while I did that. A few weeks before, I traded bikes with a friend with a YZ250 for an afternoon, and had a ton of fun on that, and everybody said I was smoother and faster. Now after all that background, here's the big question. What do I need to do? I still love riding, but it's becoming impossible around here. I could easily take the money from selling my CRF and put it into upgrading my Jeep (lift kit, bigger tires, etc. or buying a newer, better one), buy a street legal bike, buy a cheaper/older two stroke and put the money into any of the above options. Any opinions are welcome guys. I really love riding, but lately its been way easier to take the Jeep trail riding, and becoming harder to justify having an 07 CRF. Thanks for taking time to read this long ass post. Edit: Dad said me and my little brother can split the money from selling one of our older bikes and putting it into 50's, which we have room to build a 50 track for.
  8. I've seen a lot of those Hino's running around lately. Looks like it might be their turn...
  9. Well this sucks... Medium Duty was a big part of GM for a long time. Almost all the small box trucks I see around here are GM. Guess it's time to move into the big guns... International.
  10. Repack/get a quieter silencer and hope for the best.
  11. mxguitargod7

    Real or Fake? 2010 YZ125

  12. mxguitargod7

    New Valves

    Wow, F-a-c-t-i-o-n MX... stupid censor.