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    No fuel in bowl / 2002 520EXC

    did check to see if fuel flow freely from your fuel valve? are you talking about the petcock? if so, yes free flow plasitc slosh baffel int he float bowl installed correcty? not sure what correct installation is. i did replace a plastic clip of sorts between the floats. appeared only way it fit. thanks for the response eddie.
  2. I just bought a 2002 520EXC and rode it for the first time last weekend. It seemed a little slugish down low and after reading through this forum I ordered a JD jet kit and Zipty fuel mixture screw. The first thing to install was the Zipty but the original screw would not come out as described in the instructions. I removed the float bowl and there is a collar on the screw that prevents it from coming out of the bowl. Is this normal? I also noted that the Zipty would not go through the opening in the bowl, no problem I just installed the screw and then slipped the bowl over it. Now to the JD kit. Per instruction I installed the blue needle at the 4th clip position and the 172 main. I brought the mixture screw out 1 3/4 turns and the buttoned everything back together. Went to start but no-go. I took the bowl off and there is no fuel. I went back to the original mixture screw and got a couple of attempted fires but still wouldn't run. I feel like I have caused the float to close and not allow fuel into the bowl but can not see where. Has anybody else had this situation or can you offer suggestions. Thanks, Mike