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  1. xmickeyx

    XR650l stock exhaust

    Cool, Thanks for your help!
  2. xmickeyx

    XR650l stock exhaust

    It looked identical to the XR600 at the bottom of this page. http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.vancamper.com/images/Xr250r.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.vancamper.com/dirt_bikes.htm&usg=__rt7MFMt5AuKNjw79lvga77gKn7M=&h=512&w=768&sz=67&hl=en&start=7&um=1&tbnid=qm1EdcTxCUQirM:&tbnh=95&tbnw=142&prev=/images%3Fq%3DCobra%2BXR650l%2Bexhaust%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN I dont still have the pipe, its really complicated and long story.
  3. xmickeyx

    XR650l stock exhaust

    Full muffler.
  4. xmickeyx

    XR650l stock exhaust

    It is the stock carb. The carb is rejetted and it is a cobra pipe. I didnt jet the bike though so not sure whats been done. Runs great though!
  5. xmickeyx

    XR650l stock exhaust

    How much performance loss is there with the stock pipe on a bike that is jetted and "desmoged". I bought a bike that has all these things done but the pipe is to loud. Can I just add a stock pipe on it and be ok, or do I need to rejet again? Thanks!
  6. xmickeyx

    how long till we see???

    nice bike but i just cant see bashing a BMW through the woods. Could it really be any better than any of the other japanese models.
  7. xmickeyx

    how long till we see???

    is that the gas cap in the seat?
  8. xmickeyx

    17"tires choices formy xr 650r

    I just put some Avon Distanzias on my bike. I cant begin to describe how much I love these tires. I went through a couple of sets of contiforce SMs. I wish I would have gone with the distanzias much sooner. The bike handles so well on the street and they work well in the dirt also. They also get some pretty funny looks at the red light.
  9. xmickeyx

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    a few of mine http://www.supermotojunkie.com/showthread.php?t=45021
  10. xmickeyx

    Sticky rubber for 90% street use

    A buddy of mine has an XR650L with Avon Gripsters. He loves them. they stick good on the pavement and work well enough in the dirt. That would be my choice.
  11. xmickeyx

    DRZ Graphics???

    I like this, but dont know where too get it? http://www.mdf-g.com/DRZ4SM/hikaku/C-1-IMG.jpg
  12. xmickeyx

    39mm FCR

    I know what the coast enricher is but where is it located, what does is look like. Anyone have a diagram? (SORRY I'M FCR ILLITERATE)
  13. xmickeyx

    39mm FCR

  14. xmickeyx

    39mm FCR

    Is anyone on here running the FCR from a E "kicker" model DRZ on there DRZsm? what did you do about the hot start? THANKS!
  15. xmickeyx

    E carb swap

    I am putting the carb off of a 2001 DRZ "E" model on my 2005 DRZsm. My question is can I just switch the carb or should I rejet it first? My bike has the 3X3 and full yosh SS.