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  1. Tad Fitzgerald

    Jetting question

    The JD Jet kit instructions suggests the 160 with the 3 x 3 and when using a quoate" more free flowing exhaust", which the slip does. I"ll leave more feedback on the results after I move the needle clip to the 4th position and open the fuel screw to 2 3/4.
  2. Tad Fitzgerald

    Jetting question

    thx Ill try that, also forgot to mention 2 1/2 turns on the fuel mixture screw.
  3. Tad Fitzgerald

    Jetting question

    Hi, I did the 3 x 3 mod, k & N filter, JD jet kit, and 2 brothers carbon fiber slip on pipe and bike is cutting out midrange to top end, any suggestions? I Also have a completely stock 07 drz400sm (same gearing) that runs better with better top end (90), 85 max on modded drz. 8k miles on the modded one, 4500 on the stock one. 07 DRZ400sm 160 main 25 pilot blue needle with clip 3rd position from the top 3000' elevation
  4. Thanks I'll do that. Tad
  5. Thanks much for all the feedback. Looks like I need to re-jet it. Anyone know the best jet kit to use. I have the 3x3 mod, k&N filter, stock pipe. I'm assuming there will be directions in the kit in regards to elevation? I do the majority of riding at 2000-4000', occasionaly higher. Still thinking about just ordering an fcr carb from Eddie allready done and adding the mrd pipe. If I can't afford to to it all now what would best, get the pipe first and re-jet or get the carb and leave the stock pipe? Tad
  6. Jetting is 142.5 main jet 25 pilot jet 2.5 turns out on fuel screw
  7. The previous owner is my no means cheap and he's a stand up guy. I think what may have happened is when he returned the bike back to stock whoever did his jetting for the oridginal stock carb may have jetted it wrong. He had the fcr and full yoshi setup that he removed prior to selling it. So the stock carb needed to be jetted correctly for the 3 x3 mod. It's not running poor enough for me to remove the carb at this point since I'm going to put on an fcr and yoshi pipe anyway. Eddie correct me if Im wrong but it should be running a 155 main, stock pilot jet, and needle clip on 3rd position. Tad
  8. Before I take the carb off and ckeck myself I'm waiting to hear back from the sellar, he said he had it it jetted for sea-level to 4000 ft specificaly for the 3 x3 mod. If the jetting was wrong I would have expected the bike to sputter or cut out which it dosent do, just the top end speed. I will post the exact jetting when I get it. Tad
  9. Both bikes were adult owned and according to the sellars broken in properly. Waiting to hear back from one sellar on the jetting with the bike that has the 3x3 mod. I will post when I hear back from him. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. Hi all, I recently purchased two 2007 drzsms for my son and I. There is quite a bit of difference in performance between the two and I can't figure out why. Bike #1 is totaly stock except for a carbon fiber two brothers exhaust. Bike #2 is stock except for the 3x3 airbox mod and re-jetting. While both bike run good bike #1 has much better top end easily doing 70 in 5th gear without winding it out at all. Bike #2 with the airbox mod is past a good rpm range at 70? Both bikes have identical stock sproket setup, same tires, everything is the same except the pipe and airbox mod. I would expect the bike with the airbox mod and rejetting (also has k & n airfilter other bike has stock) to get better performance top end wise? Could the pipe make that much difference? Tad Fitzgerald
  11. Tad Fitzgerald

    price of new wr250xsm

    thx, I'll keep looking...
  12. Tad Fitzgerald

    price of new wr250xsm

    Hi, Haven't shopped much for an '09 wr250sm, got a price of 5800.00 including everything but tax, license and registration. Is that a decent price for a new one, it's completely stock. Also, dealer says their street legal, any feedback apprieciated.
  13. Tad Fitzgerald

    TE 250 vs Yamaha wr250r

    Will do if I buy it, still undecided. Didn't mean to say "jetting", adjustments to the efi.
  14. Tad Fitzgerald

    TE 250 vs Yamaha wr250r

    I can get a new '09 te250 w power up kit and jetted for 4650 otd and that includes shipping, which came to $400. Re-thinking it now with the 2011's prices being that high. Just so many changes and improvement with the 2010 wanted to wait for the 2011 to work some of the kinks out but a difference of almost 4k wow. Any thoughts from anyone who has done the research on the new ones, think its worth it? If it was a few changes that normaly take place year to year it would be a no-brainer, but the 2010's & 11's are basicaly a whole new bike.
  15. Tad Fitzgerald

    TE 250 vs Yamaha wr250r

    Not to be argumentative but do some research. The 2010 radicaly cahanged from the previous models. New engine design, new chassis, new suspension, and several other changes. I expect the 2011's will have the typical tweaks and fixes that come with such radical changes so thats the model I decided to purchase.