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  1. Does the WR200 need alot of maintenance like most of the other 2strokes out there? Like piston change after so many hours and all of that stuff?
  2. Great looking bikes. Ive already read about them. But im still wondering, which frame will give less problems and headaches? I like the look of the newer generation bikes.
  3. Title says it all. Will it fit in a newer CR125/250 frame without problems?
  4. Eulogy

    2001 XR200R Rebuild Thread

    Thanks for the video. Bike sounds good and looks good as well.
  5. Eulogy

    2001 XR200R Rebuild Thread

    That would be great. Ill just keep my eye on this topic for the next few days.
  6. Eulogy

    2001 XR200R Rebuild Thread

    I like the looks of the pipe. Are there any links to where i can hear the sound of the pipe?
  7. Eulogy

    2001 XR200R Rebuild Thread

    What kind of muffler is that?
  8. What are the maintenance schedule on a YZ250F. Does it need for example top end rebuild after so many hours and so on.
  9. Eulogy

    biggest motor in xr200 frame?

    No its not. The XR250 has a bigger engine, and there are basically not much room left if you stuff it in a XR200 frame. It will also make the bike a lot heavier.
  10. Eulogy

    My stupid job.

    What kind of job did you get manoy?
  11. Isnt 20 kinda high for a 230cc? If thats true, then the XR250 only have a couple of more hp than the CRF230. Or?
  12. Title says it all. How many horsepower does the CRF230 have?
  13. Eulogy

    I think I have a problem.....

    You can probably give me one or two, and save some money.
  14. Eulogy

    Snorkel removal on XR200

    Thanks! Now i know what to do.
  15. Eulogy

    Snorkel removal on XR200

    Can someone show me a pic of what the snorkel looks like? Also, will removing the snorkel make my bike a lot louder?