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  1. BevoRMZ

    Knee Braces ?

    How do you Blue Cross Blue Sheild to pay for Asterisk braces...I'm about to get a pair and if I can get some help hell why not
  2. I've been thinking of buying a couple of the wristbands, I look at it as not only supporting Ernie but all the riders..really, how much will my 5.00 help out..I just want to show that I as a motorcycle rider, I will stand beside ANYONE who needs my support.
  3. BevoRMZ

    Should I buy it?

    A few months back I sold a 04 for 3000.00....i had bought it for 2200.00 from the shop is used to work at..i put new plastic and graphics, it had black excel wheels and other then that it was completly stock without a scratch on it....take your time you can find a newer one for around the same price....
  4. BevoRMZ

    Why is RC called the GOAT?

    Mcgrath was a great Supercross racer, but he never dominated every aspect of the sport....and JS is only as fast as RC when he rides over his head which is why he's been a lot faster to the ground...RC knowS what it takes to win championships...CONSISTENCY....LONG LIVE THE G.O.A.T.
  5. BevoRMZ

    What The Heck Is Up With JS?

    Stewart has to ride on the the edge to hang with RC outdoors....In the 125 class he never had someone that could hang with him like RC can so he pushes harder and gets in over his head just to lead or hang with RC...RC will win the championship for the simple fact that he is consistant and doesn't have to take it to the edge like JS has to.
  6. BevoRMZ

    Berik OVS boots

    After selling my Alpinestars on Ebay because I thought i wouldn't be buying another bike I bought a pair of the OVS Pro's.. to me they are a lot more comfortable then my Astars were...I would have no problem telling anyone to buy some, I think they are great.
  7. Stewart wrecked?? What a surprise...and this is why RC will win the title again for the last time. He's consistant!
  8. I just bought my 05 RMZ450 and forgot all about it only having 4 gears. On just about any track I'm only in 2nd or 3rd. Even when I rode the CRF I never hit 5th. Personaly I thing 4 gears is all you need.
  9. BevoRMZ

    ****Hangtown Results Spoiler****

    By the lead RC had in the second moto I thought JS had gone down. Am I understanding this right, RC and JS both had problems in the first moto, but RC straight up smoked them in the second? If this is correct I think we all know who is the fastest outdoors.
  10. BevoRMZ

    Riding gear for fat guys.

    I havel always bought Answer gear, always fits great and last a while. I thought about buying some Moose gear, pretty cool looking and still come in BIG BOY sizes.
  11. BevoRMZ

    Gas-Gas, what a bad name!!!

    I used to work at a shop and we were looking in to becoming a dealer for them. We were sent a 250 2-stroke mx, and a 450 fuel injected bike. The bikes are trick as hell, the 2-stroke motor would rip and sounded like a straight up race bike. We had a lot of problems with the electrical system on the 450 after it was sold and ended up taking it back. It wasstill sitting in the service dept when I went to pick up my RMZ450, still not running. It's been about 3 yrs since I worked there and if I remember correctly they are made in Spain and the name Gas Gas is what the spectators say at the races, meaning GO GO.
  12. BevoRMZ


    I've always had the Alpinestars Tech 8's but recently bought a pair of Berik OVS Pros. I have a buddy who is a Tucker Rocky Rep so I always try to order from him to get the "hook-up" price. These boots have been awesome so far. They fit better then the Tech 8's and break in was pretty quick.
  13. BevoRMZ

    One Industries Trooper Helmet

    Thanks 2004raptor, that seemed to have answered all my questions
  14. I am looking into getting a new helmet but I can't decide which one. I have bought only Thor helmets for the last few years but noticed on the newest one (Force) that the face guard is pretty close. I like for my face guards not to be so close to my face which has kept me from buying quit a few helmets in the past. Does anyone know if the Trooper's face guard is real close to you? I have also heard that they fit smaller than most helmets, is this true?
  15. BevoRMZ

    RC or JS outdoors?

    The outdoors will be just as good as supercross was I hope. I do think that RC will win just because of his consistancy but JS is fast as hell in or out. Maybe CR and KW will get up there and make the series really exciting.