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  1. invisabiker

    shifting help

    i think i have found the problem. i went back to the stock front sprocket. and when i set the chain tension it wasn't in the original notch. i had been running on about 25mm of free play (instead of 30mm-45mm). i have ridden about 40 mile and i haven't been able to make it jump out yet. has any one else run there chain to tight and notice any shifting problems?
  2. invisabiker

    shifting help

    i have a 1996 dr650 with 16,000 miles. it has jumpted out of second gear since new. late last year i filed the clutch basket. now it does not creep or jump out of second until it reaches high rpm, then it often skips or jumps. i have been able to make it jump often by just letting it rev and just before power fall of it will jump out. before it would jump at mostly low or middle rpms right after shifting?. yesterday i changed gearing (1 tooth smaller front) and i have not been able to make it jump in 80 miles of trying? do i need a clutch basket?
  3. invisabiker

    DR650 Shifting Problem - dogs are barkin'

    my 1996 dr 650 has had that exact problem since new. (original owner) in the last couple of years it has almost completely repaired itself. what kind of oil are you using? mine seemed to jump out of second more often when i was using synthetic oil. now i have switched to valvolene motorcycle oil. if you can find suzuki oil even better. also make sure your clutch is adjusted with very little free play. and most important on my dr is to not shift into second at to low a rpm, let it rev a bit. i have since changed back to mobil 1 motorcycle oil. shifts good so far, did you try letting 1st gear rev higher before shifting into 2nd?. did my trans get a chance to break in more?
  4. invisabiker

    drilled slide, now runs bad

    well i just got back from my first ride after i put epoxy in the extra slide hole. bike ran great no coughting or sputtering, same temp (low 40s). my bike runs better with one hole (stock) in slide. to much air to fast?
  5. invisabiker

    drilled slide, now runs bad

    i have a 96 dr650 (suppertrape with 7 disc, top cut out of air box, k+n filter, dynojet kit 170 main) it seems many dr650 run good with a 160 main, but mine would not take full throttle unless you opened it slowly or it would sputter. 170 main works great. my brother had a 1999 dr650 and his carb was not the same? i decided to drill the extra hole in carb slide. 1st ride it felt like the 160 main was back in. open the throttle to quick and it would kick and stumble. when fully hot it seemed better. it was only 43 degrees. i put epoxy in the hole and i will test it as soon as it stops raining (unless it turns to snow). anyone have the same experiance? also i checked carb vent and flote level.