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  1. cr_125

    Please help!!!

    I have just taken the engine out,i had an opinion from a mechanic and he said just to take it apart anyway to see whats happened. So ill say what i see when i split the cases tomorrow Thanks
  2. cr_125

    Please help!!!

    i took them flywheel off so its not loose and the movement is side to side and up and down but its not in and out. Any more ideas? Thanks
  3. Hi, I have just replaced my crank with a hotrod crank and the crank bearings and all the oil seal etc,,, The problem is I have only run one tank of petrol through the tank and the flywheel can move about ½ mm and it makes a knocking noise when you move it. The bike it self runs excellent no strange noises or nothing when running. I just noticed it when I was cleaning the bike. Usually when the flywheel has movement this means that the crank bearings are worn out, but they have only about 2 hours riding on the new bottom end rebuild. I don’t know if the moved ½ mm when I put it all back together or if it happened when I was riding. Any one have any ideas why they are moving after such a sort time of riding. The old bearings the number on the side was 63/22c4 and the new ones I put in the number was 63/22-2rs ,would the difference in the last numbers have anything to do with it?? If it is just a matter of replacing the crank bearing that’s not too big of a deal But what im worried about is what if it’s the crank journals worn (it’s a brand new hotrod crank) what can I do then, is there any way of getting that fixed?? Thanks this is really pissed me off big time so any help would be brilliant. Thanks Oh yeah and the bikes a 97 Honda CR125.