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  1. Wondering what difference there is between stock OEM 2001 RM 125 and 2003 RM 250 bottom triple clamps. Part numbers are a little different between the 125's and 250's through the years of 2001 - 2006. I need a bottom clamp for my 2003 250, and wondering if 2001 125 will work.
  2. Looking to find out if exhaust from 2015 model will fit on a 2016 ??
  3. It's a 2014 250sx My son is a Intermediate rider here in Canada, yellow backgrounds / black numbers, Can run both MX1 and MX2 classes here with 250 two stroke.
  4. Ready for 2015
  5. Curious to know if a 2008 cylinder will work on a 2006? I know the part numbers are different but i've seen it before where some parts will work.
  6. Wondering if there's any yellow rad louvers made by anyone??
  7. Ready for 2013
  8. Finally got the bike done!
  9. I've got an oil leak from behind front sprocket of my 2008 RMZ450, curious to know if i can easily replace seal without splitting cases?
  10. I just had mine powdercoated black and mounted on gold rims, i really like the look.
  11. Anyone running a Hindle exhaust on a 2008 rmz450? I purchased and mounted a new Hindle and looking at it afterwards, it looks like the rear wheel is going to rub against it considerably. I'm in the midst of rebuilding bike over the winter, have no suspension nor swingarm on it yet to actually try it out, but just holding the wheel up centered in frame and eye balling it up, it looks like the muffler is tucked under fender some, and also showing a big gap between muffler and number plate. I'm quite sure i have it mounted correctly with the hardware they supplied me with. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue as well and how you rectified it? I've added a pic. which you can see.
  12. A few changes for this season with a different look, graphics will be different, those are last years.
  13. Thanks man....Kermaxx sprocket and Pro Circuit works pipe.