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  1. pouncer_

    Riding with a prior DUI

    thanks for the info! haha i should prolly just wait till i get my license back then. but i think im gonna order one anyways, il find some places to ride it without gettin hassled
  2. pouncer_

    Riding with a prior DUI

    Hey i have two dui's i got a while back and currently dont have a license now. im just wondering if i get a pit bike could i get in trouble for just riding it in the ditches and along the sides of roads and not on the street? i dont drink anymore and was planning on gettin a 125cc, i also live in minnesota. any info would be appreciated, thanks.
  3. pouncer_

    which would you recommend???

    get a pitster from outlawpowersports you can get the 125x for $1550 with free shipping.
  4. pouncer_

    MXPitBike 125?

    Thanks, but are any of those the size of a 110?
  5. pouncer_

    MXPitBike 125?

    Would This Bike be a good substitute instead of buying a klx110 and moddin it, since it would fit my budget alot better, but i dont want to buy a piece of crap.