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    sick vid

    Mudvayne "Happy" The singer has a new band with some guys from Pantera, HellYeah there cd actually comes out tomorow
  2. mxyogi11

    How much should I pay for '06? '05?

    I went to my local dealer and got my 06 for $6100 i would try and go outside of indiana so you will not have to pay tax. Its alot cheaper if its not to far of a drive. Most dealers will sell you an 06 for $6400
  3. mxyogi11

    Siezed Intake Cam

    Ahhhhhhh haaaaa thank you very much
  4. mxyogi11

    Siezed Intake Cam

    Bike 2004 yz250f Got a problem, intake cam is siezed in cam cap that bolts it to the head. I rebuilt the top end due to one day i started it and a couple blips of the throttle and she did a wierd sound, like a vacuum cleaner shuting off. Didnt sound major but i went ahead and rebuilt it. Put new top end in(piston and rings) head was checked over by a mechanic everything seemed fine. Started fine rode it several times then one day i started it and it did the vacuum thing again but this time it was siezed. Only ran for like 10 seconds wasnt reving, barly touch throttle. Kicker wouldnt move. So tore it apart and now its looks like she needs a new cam and cap piece. No damage to the piston. There was oil on the head and cams so lubrication wasnt the case. Everythign was installed right, kinda thinking the bearing was going bad and shifted the cam outwards. Dont know not really worried just woundering if this has happened to anyone else. Prolly gonna get it fixed in a couple weeks. Not in a hurry got royaly pissed off at it so went out bought a 2006 crf 450. But i do miss her