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  1. ktownmoto

    What cartridge will fit 05 rm250 fork?

    Mine too. . Rebound adjust kept spinning n spinning .. I know have new forks off an 07 and one good extra fork (right) that makes a fine paper weight. . Funny thing is I bought both forks for half of what a single damper rod would of been. .. too bad showa sells the rod with the whole fork!!!??
  2. ktownmoto

    RM 250 two stroke; Best year

    looking to buy a bike, ive rode a yamaha, had a crf250r 06 and wondering which suk is the best. also what is the main differences between the 05 up to 09 rm 250?
  3. any information regarding general jetting with race fuel(bigger main, smaller main, does race fuel run richer/leaner compared to pump gas)?
  4. Just looking for some info on them jawz, i recently got a set of rg3 clamps and was wondering if u should buy an after market steering stem with it as well???
  5. ktownmoto

    Canadian bike prices

    "FACTS" just bought an 06 crf250r about a month ago or so and spent 6700 before tax. i had some parts ordered as well with the bike but didnt arrive when i went to pick them up (im from bc), but blackfoot shipped them out to me free of charge. now a month later, ive already recieved 2 "hows everything going with ur bike" cards which has left me suprised that someone would talk trash about them. also my buddy just ordered a 450crf from kelowna and hasnt had a complaint yet. i would only expect that u guys must have dropped in at a busy time or somethin cause my experience bombdiggafiggazz anyways, thats my load for yall turkeys....brrrbrrrbrrrrrrrr