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  1. valleyunique

    anything new about the 2007 drz 400

    I heard maybe fuel injection?
  2. valleyunique

    new to DR Z's

    I got my DRZ400S for $6200.00 out the door thats with a 3 year warranty. Pierelli and Dunlop make tires that are just barely street legal so you can ride on street and have a dirt tire also those tires are about $ 80.00. I removed all the smog stuff (California), rejetted and put a new pipe and exhaust for about $ 650.00. This bike has plenty of power for dirt riding, and it can do 85 mph. This bike is really versatile there is so many ways to either go major street or major dirt.
  3. valleyunique

    Drz400 Cutting Out At High Alltitude

    Normally Ride Around Sea Level
  4. valleyunique

    Drz400 Cutting Out At High Alltitude

    Elevation Is About 5000-6000 Feet
  5. How Do I Keep My Drz400s 2006 From Cutting Out And Loss Of Power At High Alltitudes Especially When Hill Climbing
  6. Whats The Best Way To Keep The Engine From Cutting Out At High Alltitude, Especially When Hill Climbing.