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  1. liquidcielo

    countershaft sprocket play

    did you notice anything that looked like wear on your splines? i appreciate your help
  2. liquidcielo

    countershaft sprocket play

    i've got a 93 L with an aftermarket countershaft sprocket (15) from a previous owner. i have noticed a clanking noise coming from that area and took a peek at it. noticed some play which surprised me. I read here that there should be some play to and from the gear box. 1. am i correct in assuming that the sprocket should move on the splines to and from the gearbox when correctly installed? 2. when i looked closely at the CS i found the splines (inside the retaining ring groove) to widen about a 1/4 " in. in other words, until i pushed the sprocket as far as possible in there was some play on the splines. is this normal. i appreciate y'all's expert opinion. darren