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  1. fastnblue

    Handle Bars??

    If your tall or have had any issues with hitting your knees on the bars honda crf 100 bars fit perfect and are 1 1/2 inches taller. same width, just taller. the taller bars also allow you to stand up on the bike much more comfortably.
  2. fastnblue

    Bbr 150 Top End Noise

    Called BBR and spoke to the tech dept, he said the cylinder noise (he described as a ticking noise) was piston slap and after some conversation he agreed since it was all new he gave me a return number and said to send the cylinder with piston in it back. they will measure it and go from there. Im glad to see an american company standing by their product. On the loud tapping noise, he said there has never been an issue with piston to valve clearance on a solid engine, but. the older kits gave valve clearance specs of 8-10 and 10-12 thousands because that is what the factory specs were. BBR sets all theirs at 3 and 4 thousands, and that loose valve clearance is what is causing the tapping. Hats off to BBR for awesome customer service, even though their parts carry no warranty expressed or implied they stepped up and offered to help.
  3. fastnblue

    Bbr 150 Top End Noise

    I wasnt so much of a knock but a loud tapping, and the swishing metal to metal noise coming from the cylinder area was present from the minute I started it and has only gotten louder since. At one point I started thinking a wristpin clip had poped out but it would never have gone this long without it,besides, I have put hundreds of wristpin clips on and im always carefull to put the clip ends up or down so they wont pop out from centrifical force. I was going to see what BBR says before I decide what to do as far as staying with their products. If I discover all the parts are junk, BBR better step up because one person on the internet nowadays can wreak havoc on a company's reputation.
  4. fastnblue

    Bbr 150 Top End Noise

    Everything went together perfect on this kit. cam was lubed per spec, rings all went on and fit good to the grooves put together with a ton of oil. at 46 ive done tons of rebuilds but after firing this thing up I didnt think it would last an hour. re adjusted the valves three times trying to get rid of what sounds like loose rocker arms and sand in the cam bearings. you can hear the piston going up and down and it sounds like the rings are slamming the ring grooves with every direction change. loved the performace gain but after todays ride its coming back apart before it grenades and ruins my bottom end. it got a little hot plowing thru some snow patches and started making all kinds of racket, loud tapping and the piston noise was worse as well. parked it in the truck, got home and washed it up for the teardown, for grins I started it and the loud noise was gone and it was back to the noisy top end its had for the last 15 hours since its installation. anyone else has this problem or did I get the reject kit that went out the back door of BBR. Bummed in spokane